Eatology Review Advantages and Disadvantages

In the Eatology review, you will learn about food delivery services for those on the Paleo diet. It’s no secret that the food we eat every day greatly impacts how we look. If the food contains insufficient amounts of nutrients, then we will not look very good. Conversely, if our food is rich in all the necessary substances, this will positively affect the appearance.

It is probably not the first time you hear about the paleo diet, they write about it in magazines and books, you can often hear admiring reviews of people who adhered to it. So what is it, and is it that effective? Having a basic understanding of the paleo diet can help you figure out if it is right for you. So let’s take a look at what you need to know about the paleo diet. The name “paleo diet” is an abbreviation for “paleolithic diet”. This approach strives to go back to our beginnings and create a diet based on the foods that cavemen ate in ancient times.

According to the Eatology reviews, you can learn about pros and cons of the eatology delivery meal service.


  • Minimum order amount;
  •  Maximum delivery time;
  •  Reviews of service users who have already used the services of this restaurant;
  •  Accepting payment by credit card;
  •  The ability to place an order at any time of the day and others.


  • Not enough carbohydrates in the menu

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Eatology Pricing of the Delivery and Menu?

To learn what kind of meal includes Eatology delivery service and how much is Eatology menu cost, you must read meal kits Eatology review. Eatology is constantly working on the menu and making changes regularly so that the menu will differ from month to month. Write to us by mail, on social networks, or contact us through the feedback forms, and perhaps you will also influence the changes because we always listen to your feedback. You can purchase a menu for one day, and if you like, you can subscribe to a weekly delivery of dishes. If you sign up for food delivery, you will receive a promotional code with a 20% discount. The Eatology cost of the meals is small, and Eatology price starts from $ 8 per meal. Also, you can use the Eatology promo code, which gives a discount on some dishes.

How Eatology Works?

In order to know how the Eatology delivery service works, you need to read Eatology meal delivery reviews to make the right choice.

  1. Select your Eatology recipe cards (You can choose the plan yourself or consult with a nutritionist)
  2. Checkout order
  3. Order delivery balanced nutrition(on the website or by phone)
  4. Expect courier (eatology carry out the delivery 2-3 times a week to your home or office.
  5. Preheat Dish (a couple of minutes and a delicious, healthy dish is ready) Bon Appetit!

What Ingredients Contains Eatology Meals?

Based on the reviews for Eatology, here are the ingredients of the Eatology menus that are added to dishes with a paleo diet:

  • The recipes for the dishes on the Paleo Diet menu include the following foods:
  • Meat of domestic animals (after all, ancient people were mainly hunters). The animal should be fed on herbs and not even suspect about modern compound feeds, enriched with special additives:
  •  Mushrooms (female gatherers of the Paleolithic era harvested them);
  •  Meat of wild animals and birds;
  •  Wild fish and seafood;
  •  Fruits, vegetables, and berries (not canned);
  •  Herbs;
  •  Spices;
  •  Nuts and seeds.

Eatology plans the diet based on the use of a minimum amount of foods rich in carbohydrates because it is animal proteins that accelerate metabolism and weight loss.

Do Eatology Dishes Contain Gluten or Other Additives?

The paleo diet is a diet that eliminates common food allergens from the diet. First of all, we are talking about gluten-containing wheat and milk lactose and casein. In addition, legumes are prohibited – they are also capable of disrupting the intestines. According to the reviews of Eatology, you can learn that the paleo diet is:

  • rejection of modern food;
  • switch to traditional food;
  • suitable for food allergies.

Who Can Use the Service of Eatology?

Paleo diets are usually recommended for any autoimmune disease – autoimmune thyroiditis, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, etc. Leaky gut is the main trigger in the development of autoimmune disease. The products recommended by the AIP support healthy levels of beneficial microorganisms. Foods that damage or destroy the intestinal mucosa are completely excluded, while anti-inflammatory food groups are included in the diet. Read Eatology meal reviews and learn about Eatology pricing to make sure that it suits you.

Who Is Not Suitable For Eatology Meal?

A low-carb diet is effective against excess weight and reduces the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases. Often those who are on the paleo diet complain of dizziness, weakness, and malaise.

Packaging and Materials of the Eatology Delivery

Eatology Dishes are delivered weekly in recyclable containers, with most of the food packaging being fully recyclable. The dishes used for toddlers and older children are reusable and dishwasher safe. Ingredients from Eatology come cleaned, pre-portioned, and, in most cases, sliced. Each ingredient was sealed inside the plastic, down to peeled cloves of garlic and a few carrots. Not all grocery box delivery services use this amount of plastic.

How to Cancel an Order on Eatology?

When your order has already been placed with Eatology, it is immediately handed over to the staff, from where the courier must pick it up. But if for some reason you changed your mind and you don’t need to deliver the order, then you need to cancel it on time. How to proceed? Remember that you can only cancel until the order has begun to be prepared and collected, so you need to act quickly. In this Eatology meal kits review, you can learn about order procedures:

  1. Log in to the Eatology website, and log in to your account.
  2. Find the “Contacts” section.
  3. There you can find links to social networks, choose the convenient one for you and write about the cancellation of the order. Then follow the instructions of a specialist.
  4. Also, you can choose another method of communication from the “Contacts” section and inform the employee that you want to cancel the delivery.
  5. In the appendix, you can find a tab called “Personal” and write to support, informing about your decision. You can only cancel until the status line indicates that the order has been accepted for processing by the restaurant. If you paid for it online immediately after the cancellation, the money would be credited back to your account on the same day within three to five hours.

How Does the Support Service Work on Eatology?

There are several ways to leave a message in Eatology:

  • By sending a letter to the email indicated on the website;
  • By filling out the “Feedback” form through your account;
  • Leaving a comment on the social networks and Eatology ratings;
  • For all cases, the support service draws attention to the fact that you need to clarify the topic, select the reasons, tell in detail about the issue’s essence, indicate contact information, and attach additional materials.

Eatology menu

Eatology vs Sunbasket vs EatUp

Dishes need to be reheated Dishes need to be reheated Nutritious meals
Delivery price 25$ for 10-15 dishes Delivery price 7.99$ for 2–4 recipes per week Free shipping for minimum order 5 days in week, cost is $1000
Ability of discounts Available in 47 states in the USA Available in Usa, Hong-Kong
Ability of the promo code Ability of the coupons Ability of the promo code

Sunbasket is the best choice from the above, both for the price and for the menu.


Switching to proper nutrition on your own is a rather complicated process. It requires a change in habits (not only food), calorie counting, and balance of BJU. All this and buying and preparing healthy food take a lot of time, which is often simply not there. Delivery services of the correct food will help to avoid all this. They not only cook, deliver, but also calculate the calorie content, make up the menu, taking into account the peculiarities of each client’s situation. How to choose a decent food service? After all, he will have to entrust the most precious thing – health. A service that serves hundreds of people cannot please everyone in terms of taste. Therefore, if you are extremely picky about food, it is better to buy a trial day first and build a long-term relationship with the delivery service. Knowing all the pros and cons of Eatology food delivery and Eatology ratings, you can make an informed decision whether to use their services or not.


Are Eatology Meals Healthy?

Take care of your health and save time – order your meals from Eatology. According to the Eatology meal kits reviews, all dishes are fresh here, and hot positions are placed in special food containers to keep warm. Cooking dishes comply with basic nutritional protocols, so you can choose what is right for you (diet food delivery, healthy food, paleo menu).

Is Eatology Delivery Easy to Cancel?

If the client plans to cancel the account, he/she must contact support and send an email to [email protected] Customers will receive a response within four business days.

Does Eatology Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

Eatology always makes sure that its visitors are well-fed and satisfied. So it doesn’t matter where you get hungry – in the office, at home, or on the road. With Eatology, you can always get a quick meal, and special coupons for food delivery will help you do it for indecent little money:

  •  Regularly updated catalog of promotional offers from delivery services;
  •  Variety of dishes presented;
  •  Feedback from real customers.

Stock up on promotional coupons and get discounts on food delivery every day. After this, you can see how much you need to pay. Delight yourself and your loved ones with new dishes every day – with Eatology food delivery, it is as easy as shelling pears!

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