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Life in a modern city is a constant rush, constant bustle, and endless worries of a different plan. All this does not allow a person to relax, rest, or eat calmly. And to solve even the last problem, many restaurants started offering food delivery, which quickly became popular. The main reason for this is that you can order not only pizza or some instant snacks, but almost any dish from the restaurant’s menu. Read the MamaSezz review to find out the pros and cons of the delivery service.


  • MamaSezz is the largest food delivery service;
  • Quick order;
  • Ease of use;
  • A large selection of dishes;
  • Various offers and promotions;
  • High rating of establishments.


  •  No significant shortcomings have been identified.

MamaSezz main page

MamaSezz Pricing of the Shipping and Menu

In the MamaSezz reviews, you will learn about prices and menus. MamaSezz invites you to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner! It offers a varied menu of freshly prepared dishes. There is always something special for children and adults, lovers of wholesome, sweet, and spicy food.MamaSezz guarantees a consistently high quality of food and service. The food delivery service strives to work in the most comfortable mode for you, offering rations developed and prepared only by professionals.

According to the reviews of MamaSezz, all products are securely packed and delivered fresh. And the polite and attentive couriers and operators are always happy to listen to you and advise on any questions. Considering your varied tastes, MamaSezz provides the best service. The restaurant also offers ready-made food delivery to the office and your home. How much is MamaSezz cost? If you order food for more than $ 99, you will receive free delivery. There is also an opportunity to order sets of different dishes, which MamaSezz prices$ 169. This set includes 8-12 different dishes.

How Mamasezz Works

What steps do you need to go through to order food on MamaSezz?:

  1. Place your order.

Select one of the nutrition programs of the MamaSezz recipe cards, the desired start date of the program, and its duration (MamaSezz will prepare everything).

  1. Delivery (Fresh produce will arrive at you conveniently, stylishly, and ecologically packaged in any hour interval from 6:00 to 11:00 in the morning).

Enjoy! No more low-quality foods in your diet, no more fatigue and remorse. Now only healthy and bright dishes with low prices.

MamaSezz how it works

Ingredients of the Mamasezz Meal

MamaSezz offers a delicious and affordable diet for everyone. You will be delighted with the high quality of the dishes, as well as the pleasant price.

MamaSezz menus has prepared for you with a wide selection of herbal ingredients:

  • Fruit: Any fruit including apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits, etc.;
  • Vegetables: Many vegetables, including peppers, corn, avocado, lettuce, spinach, kale, peas, etc.;
  • Tubers: Root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, etc.
  •  Whole grains: Grains, grains, and other starchy foods such as quinoa, quinoa, brown rice, millet, whole wheat, oats, barley, and more;
  • Legumes: Beans of any kind, plus lentils and similar ingredients.

Do MamaSezz Dishes Contain Gluten or Other Additives?

According to the MamaSezz review of delivery, you can choose what kind of food you prefer: vegan, organic, healthy, and what ingredients the dish must be prepared. Gluten and any ingredients that you don’t tolerate well or don’t like are excluded from any nutrition program (mark this in the order’s comments). You can easily experiment with your favorite plant-based dishes. Swap the meat in your favorite dish for chickpeas, beans, or lentils, and order the delicious veggie burgers or veggies in oil instead of chicken, and MamaSezz cost is very low.

Who Can Use the Service of MamaSezz?

Whatever type of food you eat, doctors recommend maintaining the proportions of a “healthy plate” in your daily diet: half of the diet – vegetables and fruits, a quarter – whole grains, another quarter – proteins. In addition, there are many plant-based alternatives to everyday meals, and you can order them on MamaSezz. Based on the MamaSezz meal kits reviews, especially popular with supporters of plant-based nutrition are curries, pasta sautés and woks, oat pancakes, pies and granola, vegetable spreads, nut pastes, cashew cheese, and others, at first glance, exotic but simple and tasty dishes.

MamaSezz features

Who Is Not Suitable For Plant Foods?

A person who wants to switch to a plant-based diet needs to change his diet extremely slowly. Only those who went on such a diet for a long time can exist without any problems. All abrupt transitions lead to problems later or immediately – it all depends on the state of the body at the moment. For those who have many acquired diseases, a sharp transition is contraindicated. Therefore, before you go vegan and order food from MamaSezz, you must first learn about your health and, after reading the MamaSezz meal kits review to see will you like the menu and service.

Packaging and Materials of the MamaSezz Delivery

An important trend is a concern for the environment. An increasing number of buyers are inclined to choose packaging materials from renewable sources, recyclable or biodegradable. According to the MamaSezz review for food delivery, the team does not lose sight that packaging and disposable tableware must be practical and easy to carry, leak-proof, and keep food warm. MamaSezz is now inviting partner restaurants to switch to sustainable packaging for their meals. Institutions can purchase special containers and boxes made of biodegradable poly acrylic and cardboard.

When decomposed, Polyester releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As a result, it does not leave a so-called “biological burn” on the soil, as is the case with the decomposition of ordinary plastic. And if the packaging is sorted and composted, the recycled materials can be used to fertilize plants in a few weeks.

How to Cancel an Order on MamaSezz?

In the MamaSezz review, you can learn how to cancel the delivery. To do this, you need to contact the support service as soon as possible. Sometimes the food delivery service MamaSezz cancels the order on its part. Usually, this need arises for technical reasons. For example, a restaurant fails to accept an order from its side.

Most often, this happens for the following reasons: A system failure has occurred. Errors periodically occur at any stage of work with an order. The establishment may be having problems with the internet connection. When the connection is restored, you will again have the opportunity to place an order. Also, sometimes problems arise due to profitable promotions arranged by the platform. Restaurants and couriers are so overwhelmed by the flow of orders that they do not have time to fulfill them. Therefore, the service has to give up part of the work. To understand the exact cause of the problem, you can contact technical support. Experts from MamaSezz meal reviews will try to advise you.

How Does the Support Service Work on MamaSezz?

According to the MamaSezz review, support specialists deal with all issues related to the MamaSezz, from the site’s functionality to the quality of food brought from a MamaSezz food delivery. For example, if you cannot place an order – call, the payment did not go through – call, you got a boorish courier, or the food does not meet the declared quality. All such issues are solved by technical support.

They answer quickly by phone, by the feedback form – also by mail – within 12 hours. In general, the support works promptly, for the most part, is friendly, and tries to help the client – by the MamaSezz meal delivery reviews, the quality of service is quite high.

There are no problems with the competence of specialists; they try to solve the arising problems to please the client. They are ready to answer any question about the work of the site. Complaints and suggestions are accepted, then the answer by mail or call back. If the complaint was substantiated, you could count on an apology and a bonus.

MamaSezz testimonials

MamaSezz vs Purple Carrot vs Daily Harvest Delivery

Purple Carrot also delivers plant-based meals. Here you can taste risotto with white lentils, which is not available on MamaSezz according to meal deliveryMamaSezz review, and taste the most delicious chocolate pudding with chia grains.

MamaSezz Purple Carrot


Daily Harvest


Food is gluten-free and low-calorie Food is gluten-free and low-calorie Plan-based meal
Free delivery in case of an order for 99 $ Free shipping does not depend on the cost of the ordered food.


Shipping price included in the order price. Minimum food price $5.99


8–12 different dishes


2–4 dinners per week


You can order any number of food

Of the three above companies, can be distinguished because you can choose any amount of food that you need.


Just a few years ago, to order your favorite dish to your home or office, you had to spend time searching for sites of suitable establishments, separately comparing prices and delivery times. And those who in the past faced poor quality service also spent time looking for reviews about the chosen institution. Today the situation has changed, and all the necessary information can be provided by a special food delivery service MamaSezz – a site that provides plant foods. According to the MamaSezz ratings, each user can quickly find establishments that meet the vegan’s requirements.

According to the reviews for MamaSezz, the service can be used not only from a computer but also thanks to applications for devices running on iOS or Android. You choose the necessary diet, which you will receive at a specific time (week, month, etc.). This option considers the body’s needs because you will be asked to enter your parameters, level of physical activity, and other indicators in the MamaSezz account.


Does MamaSezz Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

If you want to get a discount from MamaSezz already on the first action, take advantage of the special coupon value. As a rule, this code does not require registration or a news feed subscription. To activate the MamaSezz promo code enter a value into the cart when placing an order. This coupon must be applied to the meals you choose.

The received discount can be provided as a percentage or cash option and cannot be combined with other promotions or special offers.

For successful activation of the promo code, you must follow the method:

  •  Copy the coupon value from this page;
  •  Go to the website of the food delivery service MamaSezz.
  •  Choose the delivery service you are interested in;
  • Add dishes to the cart;

Enter the value of the promotional code in the special field and click the “Confirm” button. After this, you can see MamaSezz pricing and how much you need to pay.

Is MamaSezz Easy to Cancel?

Yes, of course. You must inform the operator via live chat or call customer service. Then, the company will cancel your delivery and return your money. Also, the client must log in to his account, go to the menu, find the item with the word “subscription,” then click on unsubscribe if the customer of the MamaSezz plans to cancel his subscription.

Are MamaSezz Meals Healthy?

MamaSezz food delivery offers its users a balanced healthy diet with various products so that the body receives as many nutrients as possible, especially when it comes to losing weight. For this, it is recommended to use the MamaSezz menu, thought out for you, for a week, including various salads, non-alcoholic vitamin drinks, meat dishes, side dishes from cereals, pasta, and root vegetables.

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