Rice Bran Oil vs Sunflower Oil Comparison

People use oil every day when they are cooking their dishes. You can add it to your boiled foods or use it in frying or baking. That is why you may think about which one is the best for cooking. Here, we will compare rice bran oil vs sunflower oil. This will let you understand which one is healthier for your body and better for frying. You will also see the taste and color of high-quality food and decide which one to use in your meals.

What Is Sunflower Oil?

Sunflower oil is natural and healthy for your body and useful in nutrition. It is produced and processed from sunflower seeds of a special type. It has a yellow color that varies from light to rich yellow depending on its density. It provides the biggest amount of Vitamin E. The product contains unsaturated fats and few saturated fats. It does not include any other extra substances. It also has a light taste and is now used around the world in different meals. It is great to fry meals and adds to them a special tasty flavor.

What Is Rice Bran Oil?

Rice bran oil is produced from rice grains. Is rice bran oil good or bad? The product is mainly used in such countries as Japan, China, and India. It has a lot of benefits to people’s health. It can be a substitute for sunflower oil. It contains nutrients useful to health like vitamin E, plant sterols, and others. It mainly includes unsaturated rather than saturated fats. It controls blood sugar levels, so it can be helpful in diabetics. You can use it instead of others because it does not provide any gluten. What is more, it treats inflammation and can be used as a heart disease prevention means.

Rice bran oil vs sunflower oil

Nutritional Composition

Nutrition Information Sunflower Oil Rice Bran Oil
Calories 884 884
Fat 100 grams 100 grams
Sodium 0 grams 0 grams
Carbohydrates 0 grams 0 grams
Fibre 0 grams 0 grams
Sugar 0 grams 0 grams
Protein 0 grams 0 grams

Source: WebMD and EatThisMuch

Difference between the Rice Bran Oil and Sunflower Oil

In the comparison of rice bran oil and sunflower oil, the first one contains triglyceride. The second one is made of Trans fats. Sunflower oil and rice bran oil differ based on their field of application. The first one is used in cosmetics as an emollient in skin care. The main use of the second one is in wax and shoe production. They are also made of different products. The first product is produced from sunflower seeds, and the second one uses rice grains. Another difference is that the first product is used by people who have heart problems. At the same time, you can learn about rice bran oil diabetes prevention.


The two products also differ in their appearance. Sunflower oil mainly has a light golden or yellow color and no flavor. If the product has not been processed well, it can have a hazy look. So, you should pay attention to its appearance to get high-quality brand food.

Rice bran oil is its alternative that has a dark golden color. As for its flavor, it has a faint rice smell, and there are no other smells. Rice smell can be one of the disadvantages of rice bran oil for cooking.

Unsaturated Fats

Both products contain low saturated fats and mainly include unsaturated fats. Sunflower oil contains both mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats. The poly-unsaturated fats are stored as omega 6 fatty acids. For example, the product can contain linoleic acid. This makes it indispensable to our health. The reason is that the body can’t naturally produce omega-6 acids.

Rice bran oil also contains mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats. So, is rice bran oil healthy for your body? The product helps the body maintain proper blood cholesterol and sugar level. This allows the prevention of type 2 diabetes. It can be helpful to people with diabetes as an alternative to others. Its unsaturated fats are also helpful to heart disease prevention.


Sunflower oil can be a rice bran oil substitute. It also contains a lot of vitamin E. The vitamin is of great importance for our immune system and body organs. It can prevent heart disease or help people who already suffer from it. What is more, vitamin E is important as an emollient for our skin. It also fosters cognitive function, so it is healthy for the brain. The product also contains vitamins A and D together with fatty acids. They build new cells to prevent cell aging.

Rice bran oil is another product that contains vitamin E. What is more, it includes vitamins A and K2. This makes a difference between the two products. It also contains a lot of fatty acids like linoleic acids and butyrate.

sunflower oil cholesterol


Sunflower oil cholesterol level is the same as in rice bran oil and is equal to zero grams. For this reason, both products are safe and healthy for the human body. They do not allow a high level of cholesterol as this can be risky. Cholesterol in large amounts can create a risk of heart disease or deposits in blood vessels.


Sunflower oil is mainly used in roasting and frying. It is applied in stir-frying and deep-frying. It creates a smooth surface on a frying pan that prevents burning. What is more, its use allows for making a meal tastier and fattier. Its use also allows frying your food at higher temperatures.

Although it is mainly used in wax production, you can also use rice bran oil for frying and baking. It has a faint taste that does not interrupt the original taste of a meal. It is mainly used to cook dishes at high temperatures and makes them tastier.


What Is Rice Bran Oil Good For?

It is good for baking and frying at high temperatures. It contains unsaturated fats, so it can be used to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Is Rice Bran or Sunflower Oil Better?

When comparing rice bran oil vs sunflower oil, each of them has its special benefits. Yet, the second one is better because it has a higher level of vitamin E.

Which Oil Is Better Than Sunflower Oil?

It can be Canola because it has more oleic acids. This means that Canola can improve cholesterol levels.

Is Sunflower Oil Unhealthy?

No, it is healthy for our bodies. Yet, if you heat it too much, it can release toxic substances.

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