Vertical Diet and How to Follow It: A Simple Guide for Food Lovers 

What is the Vertical Diet? These days, there are lots of people who struggle with extra weight and can’t lose the pounds to feel and look better. This is a common problem for people with various food-related issues. Some people want to gain extra pounds to build a high-quality muscle mass. Others want to reduce their food intake to fit into the old jeans. There are different reasons why you may want to follow a more balanced lifestyle and eat properly.

However, the solution was developed a long time ago. If you want to manage your body weight and eat healthily, you need to stick to a certain regime. What diet to choose and how to start your new eating journey? The market offers a wide range of regime options for different cases. You can try a mono-diet using a set number of ingredients, or you can stick to intuitive eating. But should you expect the best results when following plans in a scattered way? It won’t work, so you’d better find a regime that works for your body.

What if you try a Vertical Diet meal plan? If you have never heard about this regime before, it’s time to dig into the topic and find out more about a healthy way to lose extra weight and feel better. Fortunately, there are tons of sources on the Internet to get information from. Let’s figure out what’s behind the highly popular plan.

Vertical Diet: A New Concept in the Dietitian World

A lot of people are in search of the best plan they can follow to lose weight. If you’re in this group, too, you might have already tried tons of ways to convert your unhealthy eating into a healthier one. There’s good news for you if you are looking for the best menu for your day. It might be a Vertical Diet plan with all its nutritious and balanced solutions for you.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to any type of food; forget about the white rice dishes or other generally known dieting taboos. Who will benefit the most from the regime? If you train in a gym and work out a lot, you must have enough energy to build the body of your dream. In this case, the Vertical Diet cranberry juice will be the best solution.

vertical diet meal plan

What is the Vertical Diet? This concept was developed by the well-known and successful bodybuilder Stan Efferding. This is a perfect eating plan for athletes and everyone who works out a lot and wants to nourish the body properly. The regime is focused on quality muscle gain. If you have extra fat or can’t reach the desired calories throughout the day, this eating plan will fit your purpose.

The main concept of the Vertical Diet is to follow the foods that you like and consume them properly. When you avoid highly processed vegetable oils and enjoy a healthy set of ingredients in your basket, you can reach the highest indexes and enjoy the way you feel.

Try a Versatile Menu: What Foods Are on the Vertical Diet?

What’s the Vertical Diet food list? Being developed by the Stan Efferding cranberry juice system, the regime follows a certain principle of eating, to be described in the following section. Now you will learn what foods are a part of the meal plan.

  • You should remember to add carbs to your regime. So, make sure you use white rice, potatoes, and soaked oats. But don’t include brown rice in your regime.
  • Don’t forget about the protein that’s critical to building muscle mass. You can try eggs, red meat, and fatty fish. Poultry will also work fine as a part of your eating habit.
  • You should diversify your eating plan with vegetables and oils. It will nourish your body and help strengthen the muscles.
  • Make sure you eat enough fruits and berries, mostly cranberries.

The diet experts advise people to reduce the number of sugar alcohols or even stay away from it for some time. It will help clean the body and make it ready for the exercises and rest shifts.

Why do we deal with the Vertical Diet, and how does it affect the menu options? Most of the known diets are horizontal. They cover a wide range of foods and are focused on the versatility of the products. However, the Vertical Diet is more likely to cover a restricted set of ingredients but focus more on the digestive functions of the body. The Vertical Diet claims that you should restrict your lifestyle to only foods rich in nutrients.

Is the Vertical Diet Worth It? Risks and Benefits for the Dieters

The vertical system is a very popular meal plan, promoted by a successful powerlifter and bodybuilder. Hence, people all over the world can find a lot of information about their regimes. It’s also possible to notice the abundance of Vertical diet before and after results that impress and encourage you to start eating healthier to nourish your body.

A lot of people join the trend and start restricting themselves a lot to see the Vertical Diet results. But it could be dangerous for your body to blindly follow the tips from another bodybuilder. You may accept the eating habits or reject them.

To make it a safer experience, you should check out what the benefits and drawbacks of the regime are. When you compare the risks to the gains, it will be easier to decide whether you want to follow the lifestyle or not.

Vertical System Pros

Let’s start with the process of the Vertical Diet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are tons of positive comments about the use of the meal plan designed by the famous bodybuilder. Nevertheless, this isn’t a versatile eating lifestyle; you can find a wide range of people who benefited from the plan. Before you go and write a Vertical Diet grocery list, let’s check what positive sides of the meal plan you can find in the Vertical system.

  • Muscle gain is the major benefit the regime can present. Being focused on high-quality muscle weight gain, the lifestyle works to hit the muscles and help you grow while training. If your goal is to build the body of your dream and show well-defined muscles, it could be your choice.
  • If you have any issues with the digestive system or can’t gain enough weight to work out properly, this regime will also serve you as a road map. It’s focused on weight gain and the improved work of the digestive system.

If you follow the plan, you can improve your health and learn how to add more nutrients and proteins to your body. It’s a perfect way to diversify your menu and consume protein to grow your muscles.

vertical diet recipes

Vertical System Cons

However, the Vertical Diet supplements have not only good sides. Before you decide to make a new plan a part of your life, you should check the cons and potential risks. There’s no versatile Vertical Diet monster mash recipe that can fit everyone. Sometimes you need to adjust your eating habits to your health. However, there are also times when you can’t follow a regime and have to reject it. Let’s see what drawbacks the Vertical Diet presents:

  • The first visible drawback is the limited choice of foods. You can eat red meat and white rice, add bell peppers to your meals and finish it all with orange or cranberry juice. But this isn’t the most interesting and rich in flavors meal plan. Some people can’t simply stick to the same number of ingredients daily. If you don’t like monotonous dieting, the Vertical plan may not be the option for you.
  • The bad news is for vegans who can’t find this diet-friendly. If you avoid meat, you will be left with a couple of carb sources. But your body will lack proteins to build the muscles and function properly.
  • In some cases, people find this Vertical plan quite expensive. It’s not about the white rice or poultry. But non-seasonal vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish may be overpriced to eat on a daily basis.

If you aren’t a vegetarian and have no medical issues, you can easily follow the plan. It will make you look better, help build the muscles and enjoy the eating routine. But there are still a few restrictions that can limit yourself and even lead to body deterioration.

How Does the Vertical Diet Work? What’s the Main Working Principle?

When you decide to follow a cranberry juice Vertical Diet, you might think about the potential benefits you can get from the new meal plan. But before you learn what perks you can gain from the meal plan, let’s check how the Vertical Diet recipes should work. There are 3 major sections you should learn before you start working on your new eating habits.

  • The first thing to worry about is the proper and adequate carb intake. You should focus on the primary foods to add to your diet. In the previous section, you might have looked through the major groups of food you can try. The quality of the ingredients and the freshness of your meals can directly affect the way you feel and train. For this reason, you should pay huge attention to the ingredients you cook with.
  • The second issue to consider is the possible restrictions. If you’re long in the game and have been following the same meal plan for over a couple of years, you won’t have problems with the restrictions. But for beginners, it might be complicated to learn what the limitations are. Make sure not to consume food that can’t be digested easily. This is the rule of thumb you should stick to.
  • When you’re done with the list of foods, you should start following the meal plan. Once your body is comfortable with the calories and ingredients, you can add more food and go vertical to build the muscles. This is where the system starts working and influencing your body.

Are you ready to try how the Vertical system works? It’s a simple way of building a better and stronger body. If this is your final dream, make sure to try the Vertical plan to see the results.

Vertical Diet Shopping List: What to Include in Your Daily Meal Plan

What Is the Vertical Diet? If you’re serious about following a new Vertical Diet weight loss plan, going shopping and creating a list is a must. Whether you decide to make a Stan Efferding post workout drink for muscle gain or cook a dinner for the whole family, it’s important to buy everything needed for the cooking process.

Red meat, nuts, fatty fish, vegetables, white rice, and soaked oats are the basis for the meal plan. Your Vertical system would be incomplete without berries and fruits that add to the ration.

If you keep everything well-balanced, you will come up with the best plan for your body. It’s easy to build muscles and make your training journey more effective.

vertical diet food list


What about the other questions about the Vertical system? If you’re at the beginning of your eating journey, you may need extra support and answers to all of your questions. In the article, you must have had all your issues answered. But there could be some other points for discussion. Let’s draw your attention to them and clear out the issues.

Can You Eat Oatmeal on Vertical Diet?

This is a generally accepted ingredient in any eating regime. Being a rich source of complex carbs, oatmeal is welcomed in any meal plan, including the Vertical Diet. If you follow the restrictions, you should soak the oats overnight before cooking or at least cover them with water for an hour. This way, your digestive system will accept the carbs and get the most from the foods.

Can You Drink Milk on Vertical Diet?

What Is the Vertical Diet, and does it accept regular milk? Yogurt and milk are a part of the Vertical system. If you enjoy drinking milk or cooking dishes adding a splash of milk, you don’t have to refuse it.

Is Broccoli Vertical Diet?

A lot of people think that being on a Vertical system means restricting the intake of vegetables. But it isn’t true. You still have a lot of vegetables available within the limitations. And you can add broccoli to your Vertical eating plan.

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