Best Organic Meal Delivery Services: from Now On, You Can Order Healthy Life Online

When saying organic food, distant farms, green grass, virgin nature, and fresh air are the first things to pop up in one’s mind. Nevertheless, nowadays, bioproducts are no longer the asset of rural suburbs.

Label “organic” is usually applied to products produced without or with minimum usage of extra supplements, like pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc. The procession of the final product is supposed to be totally free of operations, contributing to ingredients’ nutritional quality decrease. However, such precautions cause reduced crop yields, increasing a production process duration and growth in prices.

According to the study published in the Nutrient magazine, an increase in organic food consumption results in the infertility rate drop, cases of allergy, and congenital disabilities.

Today organic food production has become a huge worldwide industry starting to take down scores. There are organic meal deliveries in every city and town aimed at shipping frozen organic meals or prepared kits to each healthy lifestyle lover. Those organic cooked meals delivered services tend to satisfy the most demanding clients’ expectations, e.g., following an organic diet plan, vegetarian menu, allergy restrictions, and many other concerns.

Modern organic food delivery services provide a wide range of extra facilities. The customer is enabled to:

  • get a total range of meals for every day in an organic food subscription box;
  • pick a daily, weekly, or monthly menu;
  • set an organic diet plan;
  • select the most appropriate ingredient due to allergy, religious restrictions, ost demanding clients’ expectations or personal preferences;
  • order fresh organic meals or frozen organic meals;
  • order organic ready to eat meal delivery or organic meal delivery kits, which intend a client to cook the food, following the recipe instructions;
  • receive a chef’s favorites via online request;
  • and many others.

Other pros of organic home-delivered services to be mentioned are significant time-saving and the possibility to find a wide choice of natural meals in one place. The point is that seeking cheap organic meals may become a real quest. Usually, such food is supposed to be sold in specific groceries or farm shops. The least doesn’t always guarantee the genuine “organicness” of the product. Some small towns don’t even have this kind of shop, offering the customers certified natural ingredients.

Therefore, finding organic products turns out to be a pretty time-consuming and complicated issue. For instance, vegetarians might spend plenty of time trying to explore spots, enabling them to follow their organic diet plans.

Organic meal deliveries have become a real godsend for the modern people, living in intense life rhythm and though being with an eye towards diet. Discover the 6 best organic food delivery services projected to make your everyday routine easier and healthier.

Green Chef

Green Chef main page

Green Chef tops the list of the best organic meal delivery services.

After the birth of meal kit delivery, the development of niche versions has become a matter of time. The Green Chef has intensely occupied the domain of organic food delivery. The company suggests to its clients multiple offers for healthy lifestyle diets. Each one can choose the most suitable variant regarding individual concerns. First of all, Green Chef guarantees that subscribers will receive high-quality genuine natural meals to their door without any delay.

The delivery service established itself as one of the best organic meal kit deliveries for those who follow the keto diet, vividly offering the diet plans for this low-carbon modus.

Green Chef considered thoughtful packing: all the meals and ingredients are wrapped into an eco-friendly packing.

How Does it Work?

Cooperation with Green Chef has been made as simple for the customer as possible. All you have to do to receive your organic food subscription box is to follow several easy steps on the brand’s website:

Pick the Weekly Plan Out of Variants Suggested:

The online service allows the clients to choose the most suitable weekly menu. Each menu is labeled with options included in it, e.g., “keto,” “vegetarian,” or “gluten-free.” The list of ingredients and average cooking duration is also specified, so the selection process leaves you no chance to get confused.

Create the Box

This step requires a client to choose several specific features of the organic food subscription box, for instance, the box size and the meal type. In case you have allergic precautions, it is very important to pay special attention at the least. The service offers:

  • Keto+paleo;
  • Vegetarian;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Fast & Fit;
  • Vegan;
  • Gluten Free.

Make an Order

This is the final step: the client gives information about the most comfortable shipping date and time.

What Does Each Organic Meal Delivery Kit Look Like?

Each kit is hand-packed and includes ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards. All the ingredients are insulted. Hence even if you don’t have any possibility to start cooking at once, products will stay fresh and won’t spoil.

Cooking Time

On average, cooking organic meal delivery kits from Green Chef takes about half an hour or so. But considering the specific features of some ingredients, a recipe complexity level, and some other important issues, the duration of the cooking process may slightly vary, but not critically.

Is There Any Possibility of Skipping or Canceling the Subscription?

There is no commitment. You can cancel your subscription totally, change the order or skip a week or two if, for example, you are going to leave the town.

The Shipping Area

The Green Chef is primarily an American healthy organic meal delivery service, and its shipping area covers the USA, but for Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Louisiana. Nevertheless, the company’s executives hint about further plans to widen its presence worldwide.

One Potato

One Potato main page

One of the best organic meal delivery services with an eye upon family values.

The healthy organic meal delivery service One Potato was born in the bowels of the web. It is a startup from the family value-oriented blog Weelicious. The progenitors of the site state that their main objective was to support caregivers in their commitment to involve their families in a healthy and nature-friendly lifestyle.

The concept of the brand implies organic meal delivery kits accompanied by easy-to-follow recipes “of the Chef.” Therefore, in addition to a natural meal, One Potato would ensure you some happy moments of a family dinner cooking together.

According to the PubMed Central study, joint family cooking promotes children’s desire for achievements at school and increases self-esteem. On the other hand, the researchers state that frequently shared meals have a beneficial influence on a kid’s obesity and eating habits.

It should be mentioned that according to clients’ feedback, some recipes may require plenty of time for cooking, so it doesn’t actually save much time.

Aimed at supporting eco-friendly trends, One Potato ships the organic meal delivery kits to your doorsteps in recyclable packing or the one made of biodegradable materials. The boxes are insulated. Thus, the ingredients are kept cool and stay fresh.

All the organic food subscription boxes contain genuine natural ingredients, step-to-step recipes, and a range of cookie dough to choose from. In addition, clients can enrich their order with additional items, for instance, a shake for breakfast or a smoothie.

The company executives ensure the clients receive the highest-quality organic, non-GMO, farm-fresh, seasonable products and suggest vegetarian, nut-free, gluten-free meals.

The Steps to Follow to Subscribe

Before receiving organic home-delivered meals, a client is supposed to follow several easy and quick steps:

  • Primarily, the customer should subscribe via the website and make a choice. The organic food delivery service provides different possible plans, depending on family size and shipping frequency. For instance, you can make an order for one, two, up to six servings per meal and request two or three meals per week.
  • Next, the customer can select the supposed meals out of a weekly menu suggested. The menu is rotated weekly. Therefore, you won’t get fed up with the same organic salad delivery. Every 7 days, you’ll have new options to pick.
  • Now you are ready to receive an organic food subscription box to your home and start cooking your traditional family dinner.

What Is the Total Price for the Weekly Organic Meal Kit Delivery?

The cost of a serving is about 12 to 20 $ depending on the menu and chosen additional facilities. The price grows with an increase in the number of servings and meals per week. Say, you can pay about $50 for two people’s meals and up to $130 for three meals for six people per week.

What Kind of Supplements Could Be Added, and Does the Client Have to Pay for Them?

For an additional fee, the clients are suggested to insert into their organic meal delivery kits smoothies. For instance:

  • antioxidant;
  • immunity booster;
  • vitamin C blast;
  • big red.

The other option is cookie dough. The available variants are:

  • vegan, gluten-free breakfast cookie dough;
  • chocolate chip dough;
  • oatmeal raisin dough;
  • lemon sugar cookie dough.

Can I Cancel My Order?

The client is enabled to change his mind and cancel the organic food subscription box reservation any time.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon main page

The Little Spoon for Little Clients: One of the Best Organic Meal Delivery Services for Your Kids

An organic food nutrition trend continues to expand its influence, gaining new markets. Recently it has increased its recognition in the field of baby food. The parents’ intention to enrich the range of products for their children has triggered a new demand for the healthy natural meal of double benefit: on the one hand, kids’ diet is to be explicitly accommodated to a growing child’s body. On the other hand, it is pretty difficult to make a kid eat whatever they don’t want to.

An organic prepared meal delivery service, kids Little Spoon resolves both these issues and even more. Its main advantage over competitors lies in its conceptual approach to creating an overwhelming experience on the means of its platform. In addition, the company provides each step with excellent quality products at a reasonable price.

According to Director General Luice, the company aims to develop new products, invest in the community, capacity building, and operation support. Therefore, we can hope for new solutions for a baby organic diet plan in the near future.

How Do I Subscribe to Organic Ready-Made Meals?

In order to become a member of the Little Spoon family, a parent is to take three steps:

  • Pick a plan: the service offers a big range of plans adopted for customers’ specific needs and preferences.
  • Choose the products: the Little Spoon provides its customers with multiple options. A parent just has to select the most suitable ingredients, set the natural meal plan. The menu is rotating and updating constantly, and new items are added all the time. Hence don’t be afraid that your kid will ever get bored of the fresh organic food diet. The Little Spoon works hard to satisfy the tastes of the pickiest little gourmets.
  • The work is done. The prepared organic food subscription box will be delivered to your doorstep.

Is There Any Chance to Change the Plan?

Realizing the most various concerns parents might have, Little Spoon reserves you the right to change, skip, pause, adjust or cancel your order whenever you need to.

Plans the Organic Meal Delivery Service Has to Offer

The organic meal prep delivery service Little Spoon presents three food plans designed for various tastes and adapted to different ages.

  • Baby food: this plan includes non-GMO organic food for the smallest eaters. More than 100 ingredients containing the most important microelements and vitamins are made fresh and afterward cold-pressed. The ration is worked out by experts for each eating stage.
  • Kids meals: this organic food subscription box aims to provide children aged over 2 – 3 years old with meals and nutritious finger foods. Superfoods and vegetables are hidden in, which makes the eating process easy and fun.
  • Smoothies: a novelty of Little Food represents superfoods and veggies hidden in organic smoothies. This organic food home delivery plan provides healthy shakes kids and parents are going to be content with.
  • Vitamins+remedies: remedies have never been so useful. All-natural vitamin bomb in one pack makes your kid feel healthy, active, and ready for a new adventure.

What Is the Average Cost of the Organic Online Delivery Little Spoon?

The price of natural food from Little Spoon may vary depending on the chosen plan and ingredients. However, on average, the cost ranges from about 3$ to 6$ per meal.


SunBasket main page

Sunbasket leads the best organic meal delivery services ready to adapt to any diet restrictions.

Relatively young organic meal delivery company Sunbasket has managed to gain a considerable part of the US organic food home delivery market. Sun basket is a creation of an experienced San Francisco chef Justin Kelly and successful tech entrepreneurs Adam Zbar, George Nachtrieb, and Tyler MacNiven. Starting in San Francisco in 2014, by 2015, it had expanded its presence to 8 states. Today the company ships to almost all United States, excluding HI, ND, AK, MT, some parts of NM.

All the Sunbasket recipes are carefully designed by Chef Kelly. His 25-year professional career is marked by Iron Chef America participation and Chef de Cuisine position at the Slanted Door. As a result, all the menus are well-considered, involving natural meal products, organic diet plan, and possible health and conviction restrictions, such as allergic reactions, vegetarian preferences, etc.

The main concept of the brand aims at serving customers who have severe dietary restrictions. Sunbasket also provides organic weight loss meal delivery and offers gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian options, and many others. The company is a part of a small group of organic meal kit delivery USDA-Certified Organic companies. All the ingredients are claimed to be genuine natural, free of any artificial supplements, and sourced from California farms.

On the contrary to its competitors, Sunbasket has found its own approach to the issue of recycling. Being seriously concerned about the wasteful packing for organic meal delivery kits, it launched a recyclable liner utilizing, aimed at zero-waste production. The packing consists of totally compostable ingredient bags, GMO water, and cotton.

How Do I Start Cooperation With Sunbasket?

The sign-in process is totally online and will take only a few minutes.

  • First of all, the client has to sign in on the company website, specifying email and password.
  • After that, you can get started and clarify setup details.

The organic meal delivery offers its clients the following options:

  • Fresh & Ready: frozen organic meals. The dinner is going to be ready to eat just in 3 minutes after delivery.
  • Meal kits: these organic meal delivery kits are provided with easy-to-follow instructions. The cooking time will take from 15 up to 40 minutes.

In this step, the client is also supposed to specify the diets he might follow:

  • paleo;
  • gluten-free;
  • vegetarian;
  • pescetarian;
  • Mediterranean;
  • diabetes-Friendly;
  • or no dietary restrictions.

State some specific preferences:

  • no fish;
  • no pork;
  • no grains;
  • no dairy;
  • low calories, etc.

And mark the number of servings (e.g., 2 or 4 people) and dinners per week (the available options are 2, 3, 4, or 5 dinners).

  • Next step is to select meals out of variants suggested. The company offers a huge array of possible menus and additional options. For instance:
    • small bites: snacks like different types of cheese or hum;
    • treats: organic ingredients sweets of various sorts;
    • oatmeal & granola;
    • beverages: this might be juices, smoothies, coffee;
    • grain and noodle bowls.

And many others.

  • The last thing you need to do is create a subscription and wait for your organic food subscription box to be delivered.

Total Cost for the Service

Sunbasket offers comparably cheap organic meals of Chef at 11$ to 15$ per serving. The total cost depends on the chosen plan and the number of servings.

Possibilities to manage the account

The clients are free to make any changes in the account and manage weekly deliveries. You can cancel, delay or redirect your organic subscription box. But it is very important to make all the changes before the delivery.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest main page

Daily Harvest focused on vegetarian lifestyle takes its place within the best organic meal delivery services.

Being a specifically vegetarian-oriented service, Daily Harvest occupies its particular niche on the organic meal delivery market. Originally the company was founded as a smoothie delivery. But it has grown into a considerable service, providing its clients with a wide array of plant-based frozen meals every day. By now, the menu comprises more than one hundred items, including soups, harvest bowls, breakfast bowls, and of course, smoothies. The company claims all the ingredients to be gluten-free, vegan, free of additives, fillers, and preservatives.

Daily Harvest has stated its eco-friendly concern and aims at becoming 100% recyclable. All the items the frozen organic meals are packed into, like boxes, bowls, or cups, are either compostable or recyclable.

Daly Harvest organic meal kit delivery offers healthy vegetarian ingredients frozen and insulated. After shipping, final cooking won’t take much time, although all the products will taste fresh and delicious. All the menu items are crafted by the company’s nutritionists and chefs. In addition, the healthy organic meal delivery executives ensure that the service cooperates with farmers, producing genuine organic fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, the service is oriented at providing clients with plant-based food, and it might unfit people with special food concerns, namely allergies, special diets like paleo or keto. At the same time, absolutely vegetarian meals might prove to be insufficient for an adult. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the caloric content of the serving and its size.

How it Works

Like other companies of such kind, Daily Harvest organic delivery implies sign-in on the company’s website. After that, the client is supposed to pick out 9, 12, or 24 cups per week, or respectively 24 cups per month. The menu includes more than 80 chef-crafted items. Now all you have to do is await the order, heat it, blend, add hot water and enjoy eating.

Unlike the other organic meal prep delivery services, Daily Harvest doesn’t offer any complete menus. Instead, it is the customer who is supposed to pick out the items he wants for dinner.

The Beverages That Daily Harvest Has to Offer

As a totally vegan brand, the Daily Harvest organic meal delivery suggests a specific list of beverages, including only plant-based ingredients.:

  • Smoothies: chef-crafted smoothies made of superfoods, nuts, seeds, and of course farm-originated vegetables and fruits. Considering nutrition value as a primary objective, the company offers smoothies instead of juices. All you have to do is to add your favorite liquid and blend the mixture.
  • Lattes: a particular alternative to powdered drink mixtures, a latte from Daily Harvest, contains functional ingredients, spices, and herbs. Your favorite milk is a recommended variant to add, but the choice is up to you.
  • Milk: Daily Harvest submits an offer in lieu of classic non-dairy milk. The company’s milk is free of fillers, gums, and water dilution.

How Much Does the Subscription for Daily Harvest Cost?

As far as the Daily Harvest organic food delivery doesn’t offer any pre-designed menus, the chosen items, namely form the total price. On average, one meal costs from $6 to $9. However, the more items are included in the order, the more discount you get: $5 for 9 – 11 items, $10 for 12 – 23 items, and $20 for 24 – 26 items.

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta main page

One more on the list of the best organic meal delivery services is Trifecta Nutrition, specializing in keto-friendly meals

Trifecta’s healthy organic meal delivery claims to provide its clients. With science-backed meal plans are essential for those who seek to lose weight and build muscles. The organic weight loss meal delivery service emphasizes that its products benefit athletes and everybody who likes training and staying fit.

How Does it Work?

The Trifecta organic home delivery works on weekly-based planning. All the client has to do is choose the most suitable plan and specify the number of meals required. The rest is up to Trifecta. It will provide you with healthy natural meals and even more: the client may get support and coach helpful in achieving sport and health goals.

How Much Does the Subscription Cost?

The price for a meal ranges from $10 to $15 and, as usual, depends on the chosen plan. The price includes the shipping, so there won’t be any extra fees and other surprises.

Is There Any Possibility of Skipping or Canceling a Subscription?

The customer is free to cancel or pause a subscription at any time, but the company is to be reached out a week in advance.

Another option is to skip a week and use the service biweekly. In this case, the changes in the personal account should be made the Friday before the next scheduled delivery.


Which Meal Delivery Service Is Organic?

All the meal delivery services suggested are totally organic.

Is There an Organic Version of a Blue Apron?

Some ingredients Blue Apron uses are USDA-certified organic.

Does HelloFresh Have Organic Food?

HelloFresh suggests several organic keto, gluten-free and vegan meal plans.

Does Green Chef use organic meat?

Green Chef is a USDA-certified organic company and uses 100% organic ingredients, comprising meat.

Does EveryPlate Use Organic Food?

Every Plate claims to use organic ingredients in its organic meal delivery kits.

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