The Best Gluten Free Meal Delivery Services: Eat Healthy Every Day

The modern pace of life makes it almost impossible to eat tasty and healthy homemade dishes every day. Cooking takes so much time. Humans prefer more convenient and accessible fast food kits. They have lots of pluses such as the possibility to buy and eat them whenever you desire or low prices. At the same time, fast food possesses one significant disadvantage you can’t ignore – it’s unhealthy and may lead to catastrophic health problems.

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and want to eat fresh, healthy, and tasty food every day, you can use copious meal delivery services. They are ready to deliver to you kits that consist of all the needed ingredients and simple recipes. You spend up to 30 minutes (or even less) cooking meals. These days gluten-free meal delivery services are extremely popular among people. Why you should avoid gluten, and how to find the best gluten free meal delivery firm? If you want to know answers to these questions, the following information will be rather interesting for you.

What Is Gluten?

Let be honest. The greater part of people doesn’t pay attention to the ingredient labels on the food products. It’s a big mistake while labels include lots of useful information. If humans did so, they definitely would know what gluten is and what it does. The thing is that this ingredient is almost everywhere – from bread to cosmetics. So, what is it?

Gluten is a type of protein that is found in wheat plants and grains.

Gluten is a type of protein. It is often found in wheat plants or grains. This element is very important in the pastry industry. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the very this element is responsible for such attractive cakes, buns, and muffiMoreover, it’sIt’s one of the main components of pasta. Namely, thanks to gluten, pasta features its firm texture.

Why We Should Avoid Meals with Gluten?

The question is, “If gluten is so important, why do people try to avoid it in meals?” By the way, there are constant arguments about whether it’s really necessary to get rid of this ingredient or not. The greater part of nutritionists and dieticians states that it’s a must to avoid this element. They believe that this element leads to obesity. Yet, the situation with gluten is a little bit different.

Lots of people tolerate gluten with no gluten effects.

Meals with gluten are harmful only to definite groups of people. They include:

  • Humans with gluten intolerance.

This condition may lead to discomfort but without significant harm to health. Major symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, or feeling of being unwell.

  • People who suffer from celiac disease.

It’s a specific immune reaction that appears after eating gluten. It may lead to the damage of your small intestine.

  • Those who have a wheat allergy.

This condition is very dangerous. The prime symptoms include hives, swelling, and difficulties with breathing. If the allergy develops to anaphylaxis, urgent care is required.

  • Humans with high non-celiac sensitivity.

It is the clinical state of humans who develop symptoms when they eat gluten-containing foods. These people feel better on a gluten-free diet. Yet, they do not have celiac disease.

Moreover, more and more people choose the best gluten free meal kits because they believe it’s an effective way to get rid of the extra pounds. It’s a common myth. The thing is, there is no evidence that a gluten-free diet helps to lose weight. Yet, it helps to become more aware of the meals you eat.

No matter what the reason is why you desire to use a gluten-free meal prep service, you have to pick up it carefully.

How to Choose the Best Gluten-Free Food Delivery Company Online?

If you have ever tried to google for “the best gluten free meal delivery near me”, you know for sure the number of available variants is enormous. You may feel disappointed or even depressed, while it’s not an easy task to make the right choice. If you are looking for really cool gluten free meal delivery kits, you have to consider the following points:

  • The coverage area.

You have to consider to which states and areas this or that company delivers its products. Moreover, sometimes kits are distributed through supermarkets, too.

  • Available menu.

The greater part of meal delivery services also provides a wide range of versatile meals in order to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of clients. If you are looking for an ideal solution for the whole family, you may choose companies with an extensive menu.

  • Financial issues.

It’s necessary to understand how much you should pay for gluten-free meal kits per week or per month.

  • The taste of the meals.

You definitely desire to eat yummy dishes with a charming aroma. If you are to consume healthy but disgusting meals, you won’t be definitely satisfied with such services.

  • The level of complexity of the cooking process.

Some individuals are looking for services that allow them to get rid of the necessity to cook at all. They just need to receive their gluten free frozen meal delivery boxes, unpack them, heat containers, and savor the dishes. Others are ready to spend up to 30-40 minutes while preparing dishes.

  • Customer support service.

If users face some problems or difficulties, they definitely want to get timely and competent assistance or support.

  • Available promos.

Many firms offer versatile promos or discounts to their clients. With their help, it’s possible to save some money.

There are so many factors you should consider. Below you find the top 10 gluten free diet meal delivery you can’t but appreciate.


SunBasket main page

Sunbasket is a cool choice for those who are looking for top-quality gluten free prepared meals delivered straight to their houses. It was launched in 2014. Since then, the firm has gained copious fans throughout the country.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu of the company encompasses lots of options. The major categories are dinners, holidays, breakfast, lunch, pasta and sauce, proteins, and snacks. Every week, there are 18 positions on the menu. The platform pays special attention to their clients who can’t consume products with gluten. Every week, the menu encompasses 8 gluten-free options. For instance, you are to savor such gluten free prepared meals as pork chops with mostarda and wilted greens or salmon with roasted new potatoes and green beans. Yet, the company managers state that their meals are not good for individuals with severe gluten intolerance.

Where Is It Available?

At the moment, the residents of 47 states possess an awesome opportunity to test dishes by Sunbasket.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to surprise your relatives with your awesome culinary talents or desire to relax and spend less than 20 minutes on cooking. This firm provides you with ready made gluten free meals that are able to please everyone. The option Fresh&Ready implies that you have just to heat the boxes. The cooking process takes up to 3 minutes.

What Are the Prices?

The pricing policy of the platform is simple – the more meals you order, the less you pay. Thus, you are to pay from $11 to $13 per serving. The weekly bill for two people will be about $52. It’s also necessary to keep in mind that you are to pay a $7,99 shipping fee for each box delivered.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

Sunbasket is definitely one of the best gluten free meal kit services available in the USA. Clients appreciate the platform for the top-notch quality of each ingredient the box includes. The prices are affordable for everyone. By the way, newcomers can’t but appreciate the possibility to grab  $90 off with free shipping and four gifts. As for minuses, the necessity to pay a shipping fee must be noticed as well as the absence of vegan options.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh main page

This gluten free meal service has an outstanding history of success. It was founded in 2011. Nowadays, it has offices throughout the globe. People appreciate yummy recipes and affordable prices.

What’s on the Menu?

There are about 50 positions on the menu every week. It should be highlighted that the service is not focused only on gluten-free options. There are some appropriate variants on the menu. Yet, the greater part of dishes is better for clients with no dietary restrictions. There are six available plans you may try. They are meat and veggies, veggie, family-friendly, wholesome choice, quick and easy, and pescatarian variations. You are to receive up to 6 recipes per week. It allows you to make your meals versatile.

Where Is It Available?

It’s worth mentioning that Hello Fresh gluten free meal delivery is available not only within the USA.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

It’s not the best solution for individuals who want to savor their free time without cooking. Some dishes are rather complicated. There are printed instructions you should follow to cook meals. It may take up to an hour to cope with one box. Moreover, it’s often necessary to use additional tools and appliances. If it’s of prime importance for you to make the process of cooking as simple as possible, you are to explore quick and easy meals. You are to spend up to 20 minutes before the dishes are ready.

What Are the Prices?

The price depends on the number of meals per week you order as well as on the frequency of delivery. Thus, for six servings per week, you are to pay about $70. It’s necessary to take into account that shipping is not free. It’s $9,99.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

Hello Fresh is a perfect meal delivery company for families who savor tasty and versatile dishes. The assortment is able to blow the minds of the most demanding clients. Yet, the choice of dietary dishes is limited. It’s definitely not the best allergy-friendly meal delivery on the market.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron main page

Like many other its rivals, Blue Apron is not solely GF food delivery service but also specializes in a wide range of dishes. Each box you may order includes positions that may satisfy any member of your family. The company has been working since 2012. Since then, its managers have learned how to create healthy and tasty programs as well as organize the flawless delivery process.

What’s on the Menu?

There are 4 major programs you may order. They are Signature, Vegetarian, Wellness, and Signature for 4. The greater part of the plans is designed for a couple. Only Signature 4 is good for large families. You may get 2, 3, or 4 recipes per week. For those individuals who are interested only in gluten free meal plan delivery, it’s better to prefer Wellness options.

Where Is It Available?

If you are a resident of the contiguous United States, you won’t face any problems with the shipping of the gluten free mail order meals by Blue Apron. The process of placing or altering an order is simple. You can do everything via your smartphone.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

You are to receive not only a gluten free meal box with top-quality products but also an instruction that says what you should do with all these products. The average cooking time is about 45 minutes.

What Are the Prices?

You are to pay from $7,49 to $9,99 per serving. The sum depends on the chosen plan and the number of recipes. The Signature for 4 option with 4 recipes per week is the most profitable variant. No matter, how many meals you purchase, the shipping fee is $9,99.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

If you are looking for something both simple and special, you have to consider gluten free meal delivery like Blue Apron that covers all the contiguous United States. Although the feasible meats are not copious, there are still enough options to make your diet tastier. Prices are affordable for a wide range of users. Yet, shipping is not free. Moreover, it’s necessary to spend significant time preparing edibles.


Freshly main page

Freshly is a real giant among other meal delivery services. It has been functioning since 2012. Every box delivered by this company proves that healthy eating habits are not always about tasteless and monotonous dishes. The main concept of the firm is to deliver cool and yummy kits that make people healthier.

What’s on the Menu?

There are 6 programs you may try. They are Crafted Classics, Signature Collection, FreshlyFit, Takeout Twists, Purely Plant, and Proteins and Sides. All the options have convenient tags. It’s possible to find the most appropriate variants in no time.

By the one, it’s one of a few companies that have special allergy friendly meal kits. All the gluten-free options you find on the menu are certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. The choice of such dishes is large. The most popular variations include Steal Peppercorn, Homestyle Chicken, or Cauliflower Shell Beef Bolognese. It’s also possible to experience a gluten and dairy free meal delivery service. the company tends to meet the needs of each of its customers.

Where Is It Available?

This outstanding vegan and gluten free meal delivery firm is attainable for residents of all the continental states. The clients are to receive their orders within 48 hours. Sometimes delays are possible.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

One of the main reasons why people are fond of Freshly is an extremely cooking process. You do not need to spend even 15 minutes preparing food. You should unpack the boxes, heat the content, and savor delicious supper or dinner. All the ingredients are delivered in isolated boxes. The risks of spoilage are minimal.

What Are the Prices?

The sum you have to pay depends on the number of meals you order as well as the place you live in. The minimal price per serving is $8,99 if you are ready to purchase 12 meals per week. There is one thing that may disappoint you or make you angry. You won’t see the exact sum for shipping until you complete the ordering process. It’s not very convenient.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

Freshly offers a cool selection of really delicious gluten-free meals. They are attainable to residents of all the continental states. You may count on the fast and safe delivery of the products. At the same time, it’s not the best service for individuals who are searching for vegan or vegetarian options. Moreover, it may be rather complicated to cancel your subscription.

Green Chef

Green Chef main page

Nowadays, Green Chef is a part of HelloFresh’s net. The company was launched an online delivery service focused on organic and vegetarian options. No wonder it has become extremely popular among the fans of a healthy lifestyle.

What’s on the Menu?

There are 6 prime programs you may explore. They are Keto+Paleo, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Fast and Fit, Vegan, and Low Carb. Each of the mentioned programs has its pluses and minuses. If your goal is only gluten free dinner delivery, you are to try the Keto+Paleo variant. You can’t but appreciate such dishes as Cuban Chicken with Chimichurri, Middle Eastern-Style Beef, and Rice Bowls, Greek Beef Tenderloin, and many others.

Where Is It Available?

The answer is simple – almost everywhere. The company caters to all the states with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana. It’s even possible to purchase kits in stores. In order to start receiving boxes, you are to fill in an online form on the website. It takes only several minutes. You should keep in mind that Green Chef is a subscription service. If you want to cancel delivery, you are to contact managers.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

The average cooking time is about 30-40 minutes. You may need some standard kitchen tools or appliances. All the dishes have clear and simple recipes. It’s only necessary to follow detailed instructions to get the ready courses.

What Are the Prices?

In order to compute how much you have to pay for the exceptional plant-based gluten-free meal delivery (and not only for it), you are to decide how many recipes and servings per week you desire to receive. Thus, if you need 4 meals for 6 individuals, you are to pay $10,49 per serving. Yet, if you need only 2 meals for 2 people, the price is higher – $12,99 per serving. And you should not forget to add a shipping fee. It’s always $9,99, no matter how many meals you order.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

It’s the best organic gluten free meal delivery you may find on the Net at the moment. The assortment of mouth-watering gluten-free courses is amazing. The firm provides individuals with an awesome mix of plant-based and protein-forward meals. It has several drawbacks you should know about. Thus, the size of portions is not very large, and it’s impossible to make it bigger. Moreover, no meal modifications are feasible.

Home Chef

Home Chef main page

The main aim of Home Chef is to make people spend more time with their families and friends. And cooking is left to this meal delivery service. It’s a rather trendy online platform among Americans. They like a cool assortment and reasonable prices.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu is created to please a wide range of customers. It encompasses such categories as standard meal kits, 15-minute meal kits, easy prep meal kits, and extras. Moreover, it’s possible to sort all the feasible variations in order to select calorie-conscious, less than 30 minutes, carb-conscious, or vegetarian recipes. On the site of the company, you are to find more than 120 recipes for meals without wheat. The most promising of them are Brussels & Brown Butter Risotto, Herbes de Provence Chicken, or Chili-Lime Salmon. You should keep in mind that such options are not among the nut-free meal delivery services. In order to avoid possible health problems, it’s necessary to get acquainted with ingredients carefully.

Where Is It Available?

Home Chef covers 98% of the United States. Before you place an order, it’s better to check your location with the help of a zip code. You can do it straight on the site.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

The level of complexity depends on the options you select. There are dishes that take only about 10-15 minutes to be ready, and there are some meals that take up to 40 minutes to be cooked.

What Are the Prices?

The minimal price is only $6,99 per serving. In order to become a client of the platform, it’s necessary to order 2 meals/2 plates at least. It’s necessary to pay for shipping, too. The size of the fee varies and starts from $6,99.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

One of the major advantages of the service is the possibility to customize the meals. You may exclude or alter some ingredients. It’s very convenient. Users may also manage their orders and subscriptions without great effort. Moreover, it’s one of the cheapest services in the country. Yet, recipes are sometimes confusing. Moreover, there is no solely gluten-free menu.


Everyplate main page

If you are not ready to pay the whole fortune for the meals, this service is exactly what you need. It’s the most budget-friendly variant on the market.

What’s on the Menu?

It can become a real challenge to find a gluten-free option on the menu. The interface of the site doesn’t allow you to sort the items in such a way. There are 4 common plans: ClassicPlate, VeggiePlate, FamilyPlate, and EasyPlate.

Where Is It Available?

The firm provides its services throughout the continental U.S., except North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

It depends on the option you select. In general, you are to spend from 30 to 40 minutes. The recipes are accurate and detailed.

What Are the Prices?

The minimal price you may pay is only $4,99. You should pay it if you order 5 meals per week for 4 people, for instance. The maximum price per serving is $5,49. It’s also necessary to add a shipping cost of $8,99.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

The service is not certified gluten-free. Yet, it offers so low prices that it has gained thousands of fans throughout the country. It deals with eco-friendly packaging and offers discounts for students.


NutriSystem main page

If you are looking for the best gluten free vegan food delivery firm just because you want to lose weight, this service is exactly what you need. Its main goal is to help a person to get rid of the extra pounds with the help of the right diet.

What’s on the Menu?

You should take into account that Nutrisystem does not offer certified gluten-free diet foods. The menu has a couple of items that do not include gluten ingredients. Moreover, there is a wheat-free menu. It’s even possible to get gluten free dairy free meal delivery options if you manage your order.

Where Is It Available?

The firm cooperates with versatile shipping services. Thus, it’s not a problem to get your orders by mail.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

You are to receive boxes with already prepared dishes. It’s not always necessary to heat them. The cooking process takes minimum time and effort.

What Are the Prices?

You should be ready to pay from $250 to $350 per month. The costs for additional foods are to be added. You are to customize your plan in accordance with your needs.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

This platform seems to be an ideal solution for those who want to lose weight or stay fit. Yet, the meals are not so versatile. But they fully correspond to your needs. All the ingredients are of top quality.

Purple Carrot

purple carrot main page

It’s an awesome plant-based meal delivery that provides you with an exceptional selection of fresh ingredients. The company was launched in 2014. Now it has its own fans and a limited coverage area.

What’s on the Menu?

There are two major categories in the menu – meal kits and prepared meals. The first category offers such options as dinners, breakfast, lunches, and plantry.

Where Is It Available?

It’s possible to savor top-quality dishes by Blue Apron if you live within the contiguous United States.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

There are variants for both those who want to master their cooking skills as well as for those who can use only a microwave oven. As a rule, it takes 30 minutes to prepare meals.

What Are the Prices?

The shipping is free for all orders. Newbies are to get discounts. The final bill depends on the number of items you order. Thus, if you need 4 servings for 3 dinners per week, you are to pay about $120.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to savor already prepared edibles or spend up to 30 minutes cooking some meals. The prices are quite reasonable. It’s possible to benefit from constant promos. Moreover, the menu is full of nut-free options that are rather rare. Yet, unique flavors and ingredients may not be enjoyed by picky eaters


Eatology Paleo-Zone main page

It’s a unique service for those who want to eat healthy and delicious dishes that fully correspond to their needs. All the menus are created in strict accordance with the client’s preferences.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu of the service is mind-blowing. There are 9 available plans. They are Ketogenic Diet Light, Gluten-Free Low Carb, Mediterranean, Optimal Performance, Asian, F45 Challenge, Lighter Delights, Paleo, and Vegetarian. You are to define your specific requirements. Thus, you need to state the number of desirable meals, calories, duration, etc. Then, the menu will be created especially for you.

Where Is It Available?

The company delivers to 50 states. The service uses special insulated containers to prevent food from spoilage and damages. If you live in Texas, you can pick up the boxes on your own.

How Easy the Cooking Process Is?

The only thing you should do with the meal you receive is reheat it if you miss the desirable time. The boxes are delivered straight to your door. All the ingredients are already cooked.

What Are the Prices?

It depends on the options you select. You can expect to pay $7.87-$12.75 per serving of these delicious lunches, dinners, and desserts, while recurring orders receive 20% off.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons?

There is one significant feature that makes this platform different from its opponents. It’s not obligatory to sign up for the whole subscription in order to test dishes. You may purchase just one meal.

Final Words

To sum it up, it should be noticed that nowadays even the harshest opponents of gluten are able to find their ideal meal delivery service. The choice of available firms is so amazing that it’s possible to find a service that meets any desires, needs, and budgets.


Which Meal Delivery Services Offer Gluten-Free Options?

The number of gluten free meal kit delivery services is rather big. Yet, there is no one platform that focuses solely on gluten-free food. Green Chef and Sun Basket seem to be the best services with a wide assortment of versatile meals.

Does HelloFresh Offer Gluten-Free Meals?

Although HelloFresh is a rather popular service, its menu is not the best choice for people who need gluten-free meals. There are only a couple of appropriate options. You are to select the meals by yourself after you get acquainted with the detailed nutrition information on the website.

Is HelloFresh Suitable for Coeliacs?

While coeliacs have strict dietary restrictions, they need only top-quality gluten free food delivery programs with a special accent on the very gluten-free products. Although HelloFresh possesses copious tasty dishes, they are not good for coeliacs.

Does Blue Apron Do Gluten-Free Kits?

Blue Apron is a trendy meal delivery platform. It caters to its clients versatile kits but they are not gluten free meals ready to eat that are to meet the needs of people with specific requirements. It’s possible to select some options but not the whole kit.

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