Best Allergy Free Meal Delivery Services: Choose Individual Delivery Food Plan to Avoid Allergy

Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet can be a continual battle when you have food allergies, such as dairy or wheat intolerance, anaphylaxis, or eczema. This is where allergy-friendly meal kits come in useful – they handle all the preparation for you, make sure your nutritional needs are satisfied, and offer you well-balanced and tasty dishes.

It might be challenging to make dishes while avoiding food allergen, causing a hypersensitivity reaction. To enjoy allergy-free excellent dishes, you may take advantage of allergy-friendly meal delivery services. Culinary experts have ordered, tasted, analyzed, and scored some of the best allergy-free meal delivery services.


FreshlyFit main page

Freshly is a well-known allergy-free food delivery service. This firm delivers newly prepared dishes directly to your home. Gluten is the primary allergy Freshly avoids in their meal options. You may filter by an allergen or peruse their ingredient lists, including allergy warnings and nutritional information. The firm emphasizes that their dishes are nutritious and include:

  • Nutrient-rich components
  • Complex carbs
  • Beneficial lipids

A customer has the option to skip a week or cancel at any time. The cost is determined by the number of weekly dishes ordered. The average meal price is about $7.99-11.50. Freshly presently ships to 27 different states.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest main page

Smoothies produced with fresh organic vegetables are tasty, healthful, and something on which both children and adults agree. However, grocery shopping and cutting can be time-consuming; fortunately, Daily Harvest is here to assist. All of the alternatives are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. In addition, it’s nut-free meal delivery with tree nut-free options available, as well as vegan options.

Choose from ready-to-blend smoothies and soups you can heat that are all free of dairy, egg, gluten, and soy – but please notice the “produced in a facility caution” for people who are sensitive to these ingredients. Then, the only thing you have to do is add liquid and mix or reheat. The meal planning cost for allergy free is around $7.75. Daily Harvest is presently available for shipping to 95% of the United States.


HelloFresh main page

HelloFresh is a kit delivery business that sends out weekly shipments of recipes and supplies, allowing you to prepare quick and tasty plates at home. The service is an excellent method to alleviate the stress of meal planning for food allergies and grocery shopping. It’s also a splendid alternative if you like cooking but don’t have the time to prepare elaborate dinners.

HelloFresh provides six different meal plans to pick from:

  • Meat & Veggies: a range of meat and vegetable-based meals.
  • Veggie: vegetarian but not necessarily vegan plant-based food.
  • Family-friendly alternatives include fast, easy-to-prepare meals that are kid-approved.
  • Calorie Smart: meals with 650 calories or fewer per serving.
  • May being prepared in 30 minutes or less is considered quick and easy.
  • Pescatarian dishes contain just seafood and no other animal proteins.

HelloFresh charges between $8 and $11 per person for each meal. The lowest price per dish is obtained by buying the greatest plan size: four people five recipes each week. The most common HelloFresh plan size is three recipes each week for two people. This comes to $8.99 for each dish, or nearly $55 per week, with delivery.

Green Chef

Green Chef main page

Green Chef is a USDA-certified organic allergen free meal delivery. Their Keto&Paleo diet is gluten and grain free, and all of their allergy free recipes specify which diets they are appropriate for. Dairy free meals are also available as part of the company’s vegan and vegetarian meal plans.

The allergy free meal kits contain tasty, healthful, and all-organic products, and the recipes are straightforward to prepare. The one meal cost is about $9.99-11.99. The majority of the components are pre-prepared – peeled and sliced – and with the aid of the recipe card, you can whip up a delicious supper in no time. The ingredients of allergy-free Green Chef are produced and packaged in the same facility, and cross-contact with all nutrient allergies is possible. Even though the firm adheres to the best procedures in handling safety, trace levels of allergens may accumulate. As a result, if you have a severe allergy, please exercise caution.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron main page

Blue Apron is a focused and adaptable meal kit subscription business offering upscale-casual versions of globally inspired DIY cuisine. The service is aimed at aspiring cooks or those seeking a break from the rigors of meal planning – but just like lunch and supper. Blue Apron doesn’t provide breakfast. Dietary options are likewise somewhat limited. On the other hand, Blue Apron features a menu of more than a dozen two-serving meal packages varying every week. The lowest price per serving is $7.49.

Nurture Life

Nurture Life main page

Nurture Life is a small organization specializing in allergy free meal delivery to children. Online Nurture Life reviews are typically good in customer service. According to the firm, healthy eating is a top priority. The majority of reviews claim their children enjoy the meals, while some complain, there isn’t enough variety to foster a more adventurous taste or encourage youngsters to try new meals.

The majority of the meals are traditional American fare catered to the ordinary youngster who prefers soy free meal delivery. People can further tailor their options based on their nutritional requirements. The choices offered are vegetarian, gluten-free, fussy eaters, egg-free, fish-free, soy-free, pork-free, milk-free. It’s the best meal delivery service for allergies. Customers may choose weekly children’s meals from Nurture Life. Each week, people can select the amount and type of meals they desire. The majority of meals cost $7.99.


Does HelloFresh Accommodate Food Allergies?

Dietary limitations are taken into account by the firm. Every recipe includes a complete ingredient list, which you may view before placing your order. A word of caution for those allergic to certain ingredients: each dish is made at a facility that handles common allergens such as soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and others. Since HelloFresh boxes only include unprocessed products, any element that may trigger an adverse response can be omitted or replaced.

Is Daily Harvest Allergy Friendly?

Daily Harvest is a fruit and vegetable-focused meal kit delivery business. More than 80 chef-crafted alternatives, including smoothies, soups, and bowls, are available. All of them are plant-based and allergy free. All other options are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. There are also peanut allergy and tree nut-free options available and vegan options. The bulk of the recipes is also soy free, with some exceptions containing fermented soy products.

Does Blue Apron Do Dairy Free?

Blue Apron meal delivery includes all the seasonal vegetables and specialized ingredients you’ll need to prepare a week’s worth of distinctive, delectable meals. They’ll provide thorough recipe cards with step-by-step directions in each package to make it super simple and tasty. Bring only salt, pepper, olive oil, and a hungry hunger. All ingredients are packed in the same facility as milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy.

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