Top 5 Meal Delivery Services for Vegetarians 

Healthy meals without meat could be way more interesting and full of taste than regular dishes. There’s a concept that meatless diets lack necessary ingredients and microelements for people. But that’s not true. Vegetable options are full of important carbs, proteins, and fats to make up a complete diet for each person.

Why do you need to try the best vegetarian meal delivery? Food choices are the responsibility of every person. If you enjoy eating meat, this is your decision. But it’s never too late to try a new style of eating. Why is a vegetable-focused diet good for you?

  • You don’t lose the taste. People consider a meatless diet to be full of plain beans and greens. But that’s not true. You may use different spices, healthy sauces, and vegetable variations to create interesting and delicious recipes.
  • Animals stay alive when you follow a vegetarian diet. Some people decide to switch to the alternative diet for its taste and use for the body. Others are highly concerned about nature and animals.
  • It’s an affordable way of eating. Despite the common opinion, using the best vegetarian food delivery service won’t cost you more than a regular diet. But it could be even tastier and healthier for your body.

But cooking vegetarian dishes takes a lot of time for beginners. You have to buy the ingredients, find the recipes that may fit into your diet, and then start cooking. It may take the whole day to cope with a single broccoli recipe. What should you do to make this process easier? It’s time to order the best vegan meal delivery, save your time and taste the best plant-based recipes.

Most Affordable Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services for Online Users

Are you tired of cooking meals 3 times a day without any experiments in the kitchen? It’s your chance to free yourself some time and order a cheap vegetarian meal delivery. There’s no more need to spend the whole day in the kitchen. You can make it easier with the cheapest vegan meal delivery services. If you choose a quality vegetarian meal prep delivery, you may receive so many benefits from the delivery services. Let’s learn more about the services where you may try the best vegetarian prepared meal delivery.

Hungryroot Short Overview

Hungryroot main page

This service is thought to be the best on the market for those clients who prefer plant-based recipes over meat dishes. Why do you need to order from the meal delivery? Here are some of the specs to try on the website:

  • The price of the vegetarian meal delivery service is one of the lowest on the market. There are lots of companies with pricey options on the website. But Hungryroot may be the cheapest vegetarian meal delivery, too.
  • It’s all about the number of diets you choose from. The diversity of dishes and options to order is impressive. There are about 11 different diets to try. If you’re skeptical about plant-based meal delivery, you should try Hungryroot for its diversity.
  • You may order not only meals but also grocery kits. It’s a nice idea to be more creative with the recipes.

The specific feature of the service is its focus on the time you save during cooking. The company has been created to help people spend less time in the kitchen and cook fast. If this is what you want, make sure to order food from the best vegetarian meal kit online.

Meal Plans

Hungryroot is more like a grocery shop with healthy options. You may buy the food separately or choose a meal plan for the week. There are different options for people with their preferences. There are more than 3000 recipes for each client.

If you are more into the vegetarian options, you may filter your order and add tofu, different greens, and beans. If you prefer vegetarian options, the website will show you what recipes can fit your diet the most. You can choose breakfasts, dinners, and lunches. There are also snacks and desserts available on the site.

Filtering is a specific feature for Hungryroot customers. You can filter the time for cooking, your eating preferences, and spice levels. The system will choose the plan based on your criteria and offer you the best options.


This organic vegetarian meal delivery company is thought to be the cheapest on the market. In most cases, vegetarian food is quite pricey, and it is what stops people from placing an order. How much does it cost to order from Hungryroot? The price depends on the choice of meal, a plan, and the additional services. The average price for the meal is about $8, which is quite cheap.


The company offers nice delivery options. You don’t need to be worried about the order. It’s possible to skip, pause or stop the ordering process. You need to contact the managers to discuss this issue. If your order is more than $70, the shipping is free. In other cases, you will have to cover the $7 shipment fee.

SunBasket Short Overview

SunBasket main page

Let’s get to the next candidate. This is another popular vegetarian meal delivery service that helps clients achieve their diet goals with ease. What should you know about the company? First of all, the choice of options is quite versatile. You may find anything you like. It’s especially good for vegetarian or vegetarian lovers. Users agree that the meals are quite tasty. All the recipes are developed by the chefs, so you will enjoy the real taste of the food.

But some pitfalls may cause problems. The first thing is the vegetarian food prep services time. Sometimes it may take longer than you would expect. And this is not the cheapest service on the market. But the taste is quite good, so you should try your meal delivery experience with SunBasket.

Meal Plans

SunBasket is a very convenient vegetarian gluten-free meal delivery service. You may choose from two vegetarian delivery options. Here are the variants to choose from:

  • You may order the ready-to-eat food and enjoy the taste of the preheated kits.
  • Or you may try and order the recipe with the ingredients to cook the meal on your own.

Some clients don’t have much time to cook. They choose the first option. Others enjoy time in the kitchen, so they are more up to the second option. This is not a vegetarian, low-carb meal delivery only. You can also try other options on the website. There are various cuisines available for the clients. If you prefer spicy food or some interesting Asian options, make sure to check what’s on the site for you.

The service offers Paleo diet options, pescatarian, gluten-free, and many other preferences you may want to try. There’s a wide menu with tons of choices for every customer. If you have diabetes, you can also order meals from the service. There’s a specific meal plan to help you stick to your diet restrictions. You should open the website and look at the available options for vegetarian delivery users. You will surely find something for yourself.


The ready-to-eat vegetarian meals delivery has quite high prices per serving. You will need to pay about $10 per one plate. In some cases, the meal will cost you about $14, which is rather expensive. You can choose 3 or 4 servings per day. The final cost per week will depend on the number of dishes and the extra service you choose.


The shipment fee is also higher than on other vegetarian delivery websites. To order the best meal delivery for vegetarians, you need to cover the $8 shipping charge. But if your order costs more than $90, you are free from the delivery fee.

Hello Fresh Short Overview

HelloFresh main page

Let’s move to the next top vegetarian meal delivery with the best options for dietitians. If you follow a particular diet, want to gain or lose weight and feel healthier, you need to try Hello Fresh. It’s not primarily a vegetarian meal delivery, but you will find a couple of options there on the website. What should you know about the service?

  • Clients are satisfied with the services. The number of recipes and best vegetarian meal kits is huge, so everyone can find something to order.
  • You can order groceries and find the attached vegetarian delivery recipes to cook your meal. The time necessary for preparation is written in each box. Thus, you know how much you need to cook the meal.
  • It’s not exclusively vegetarian, which may cause you to spend more time finding what fits your diet.

Users give positive feedback on the work of the service. For this reason, you should try how the company works and place your order. Let’s figure out some details about the work of the vegetarian food delivery service.

Meal Plans

What can you order on the website? There are plenty of recipes to choose from. Let’s classify the dishes and meal plans available to order.

  • You may have a plant-based vegetarian delivery menu. This is a perfect option for vegetarians or vegetarians. There are different salads, soups, and other dishes without meat.
  • There’s also a calorie-smart meal plan. If you plan to lose some pounds, you may try the calorie smart option.
  • The Pescatarian meal plan is perfect for fish lovers. If you don’t like the taste of meat but prefer fish, you should try the seafood options here.
  • Family-friendly meal kits are great for big families.

As you can see, the number of plans is quite impressive. There are tons of recipes to try in your kitchen. If you don’t like animal proteins, HelloFresh can offer you dishes with greens, beans, and other necessary plant-based proteins.


HelloFresh is thought to be quite the best vegetarian meal service delivery. The prices are higher than average, but you can cover them. The price depends on the type of meal you order. The cost for the vegetarian box delivery starts from $9, which is rather cheap. The weekly price depends on the meals you buy. In general, it’s about $55 per person. This is not a high price for the healthy and fresh ingredients you can get.


You will get your meals shortly after the order. The shipment takes about 1 or 2 days. What’s great is the packaging. All the ingredients are packed with ice to stay fresh. The cost for shipping is more or less standard and is about $9 per order.

Green Chef Short Overview

Green Chef main page

Now it’s time to discuss another extremely popular meal kit delivery service. If you are interested in healthy organic vegetarian food choices and want to fuel your body with the best quality food, this high-protein vegetarian meal delivery is for you. Let’s see what some specific details about the Green Chef meal delivery are:

  • The meal plans are really versatile. You won’t be restricted to any options. There are lots of things for vegetarians, too. And the food is delicious.
  • If this is your first vegetarian meal prep kit, you won’t make it difficult. All the recipes have the appropriate instructions. You can open the plan and follow it. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time for the clients.
  • The nature-friendly focus of the vegetarian delivery company is seen in many details. Green Chef offers organic ingredients, which are great for your body. And there’s also sustainable packaging.

Are there any drawbacks of the best vegetarian meal prep service? Well, you may now like the price for the shipping. There are no free options as it is with other services. And sometimes you may need more time to prepare the meal than the instruction says. Let’s check what other things you can try with the service.

Meal Plans

What is the best vegetarian meal prep service? There are no exclusively vegetarian options for customers. If you want to go vegetarian with Green Chef, you will need to check all the plans offered on the site. There 3 main options:

  • Keto and Paleo diet. If you follow any restrictions in your diet, these two options are perfect for you. The choice of recipes is impressive, so you won’t be bored with the same old choices.
  • If you need vegetarian food services, it’s best to point your attention to the plant-powered meal plan. It won’t contain meat and helps you eat balanced food with pleasure.
  • Balanced Living is a perfect thing for those customers who don’t restrict themselves to meat or other products.

As you can see, you have the choice and can find something that will perfectly fit your vegetarian diet.


The prices on the website aren’t that low. You may spend $11 per serving. But there are also more expensive options. The cost per week will change depending on the ready-to-eat vegetarian frozen meals delivered to your door. Be ready to pay about $70 per week for one person. If you’re okay with the price, make sure to place the order and enjoy the variety of tastes on the site.


Unfortunately, you can’t benefit from free shipping. The pre-cooked vegetarian meal delivery boxes are sustainable, so you don’t need to worry about this aspect. Some users agree that the vegetarian delivery window is quite large, and you may not be at home when needed. But it’s always possible to contact the managers and figure out where the order is.

Territory Foods Short Overview

Territory Foods main page

Let’s move to the last but not least item in the list. It’s one of the best weight loss vegetarian meal delivery on the market. The company doesn’t exclusively serve vegetarian mail order meals. But you will surely find something that fits you the most. If you are into plant-based meal options, it’s your time to try Territory Foods.

  • The food is created by professional chefs who have high expertise in cooking and can deliver the tastiest recipes to the customers.
  • You don’t need to cook the meal on your own. All the food kits come prepared. Your task is to heat the meal and enjoy the taste of the food.
  • The number of options is quite wide. You don’t need to restrict yourself to anything. There are lots of recipe ideas to choose from for every user.

The feedback also says that some recipes need more sauce. The price issue is also widely discussed online. It’s time to see what vegetarian delivery options you can try and order from the best meal delivery service for vegetarians and why getting food from the Territory is a nice idea.

Meal Plans

There are different meal plans you can try. If you are mostly into vegetarian or vegetarian food, you should go for plant-based options. There are lots of them on the website. You can order breakfasts or lunches. If you want to eat dinner or add some snacks, you can also use these options. There are different add-ons for the customers.

The food is rather tasty. You will enjoy the taste of the dishes even if you don’t order meat. There are tons of sauces and spices used to garnish the vegetarian food delivery meals. The ingredients used in the recipes are fresh so that the clients can enjoy the rich taste of the meals.

This is a perfect meal delivery for vegetarians who don’t like to cook. Usually, it takes too many hours to buy the ingredients, find the recipe, prepare all the steps and have your meal done. You don’t need to spend that time. To order vegetarian food online from the Territory, you save these precious hours. All that’s needed is to reheat the meals and enjoy the food.


Each meal costs about $13 per serving. You may think that the price is very high. But if you look in detail at the process, you may change your mind. You receive vegetarian delivery food ready to eat. All you need is a couple of minutes to heat the order. The recipes are created and cooked by expert chefs. You can enjoy the best vegetarian meal delivery for only $13 per serving and spend no time or effort. Does it cost that much?


You may need to pay some shipment fees. On the website, you can find the necessary details about the order. The company will send you food within 1 or 2 days after the date of the order. When everything is done, you will get a notification or see the message in your mailbox. The system will tell you when the order is ready, or the manager may contact you.


Ordering prepared vegetarian meals for the first time may be stressful. What service to choose? How to place the order? Here you can find some of the most frequent vegetarian delivery questions users ask and their answers.

Is HelloFresh Good for Vegetarians?

Here you can also find vegetarian or vegetarian options. This vegetarian meal service isn’t exclusively vegetarian. There are also other diets for the customers. But if you open the site and look through the best meal plans for vegetarians, you will find something to fit your diet. The company ships fresh and high-quality dishes to meet the needs of all the customers.

Is There a Vegetarian Meal Service?

In our list, here are the top 5 vegetarian meal delivery companies where you can order high-quality food. You may try each of them and see which one you like the best. Make sure to check the pricing, meal plans, and delivery options to make the right choice.

Is Blue Apron Good for Vegetarians?

If you want to try food from the Blue Apron meal delivery service and stay vegetarian, you will find some food options there. The company doesn’t serve only vegetarian options. It will take time to choose the dishes that fit your diet. But this service is also a must if you want to diversify your meal delivery experience.

Is Home Chef Good for Vegetarians?

Yes, you can order freshly vegetarian meals on the website. There are tons of plant-based recipes for the users. If you don’t want to eat meat or seafood, Home Chef will offer you plenty of plant-powered recipes.

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