The Best Meal Delivery Service for Singles: We Will Help You to Find

If you are single and have no idea what to cook and do not like to buy lots of food and carry heavy bags, you can have a meal kit and the right ingredients or even prepared components of a dish delivered to your home at the click of a mouse. If you don’t have a wife or husband yet, a meal delivery service for singles will help.

The single meal kits are ordered online, sometimes ordering is also possible in apps. Depending on the provider, you can order single kits for individual dishes or with three to five meals per week.

The dishes for singles can usually be prepared and served in 20 to 40 minutes, which is ideal for those who still want to cook themselves without spending time in the kitchen for hours. It is also great that the ingredients are already portioned to match the recipe. With spices and sauces, you don’t have to buy large quantities that will later be unused on the shelf.

However, there is the cardboard and plastic packaging as well as the cooling materials, which means there is more waste than when shopping. Nevertheless, nowadays many services that offer meal kits for one person make packaging environmentally friendly. Let’s have a look at meal delivery for singles in more detail.

What Food Do Meal Kits Come With?

One to two weeks before the delivery date, the upcoming dishes will be published on the websites of services that offer meal delivery for one person. In addition to classic kits with meat and fish, some of the delivery services also offer special ones for vegetarians or calorie-conscious people.

For some meal kit suppliers, you can choose between individual dishes, for others, the recipes for each week are exactly fixed. It can happen that none of the courts appeal to you and there are no exchange options.

The dishes for self-cooking are usually designed for two or four people, sometimes also for whole families with up to twelve people. Nevertheless, it is not too difficult to find a nice meal delivery for one.

Are Meal Kits Suitable for Allergies and Intolerances?

Since meal kits offer ready-made recipes with a certain combination of ingredients, personal allergies and intolerances cannot be addressed. However, all providers indicate on their websites which allergens are contained in their dishes. Also, there are plenty of services that offer single serving meal delivery and also have meal plans for those who stick to specific diets or have intolerances. So, with the right single person meal delivery, it won’t be a problem.

What Ingredients Must Be in Stock at Home?

Some basic ingredients should be in stock in the household, including salt and pepper. Some also require oil, vinegar, butter, and sugar. Therefore, the need to visit the supermarket is not completely eliminated, but you don’t have to purchase tons of vegetables and meat anymore.

The Delivery of the Boxes

The ingredients are packed together with cooling elements and shipped directly by courier in the morning or evening on certain – selectable – dates. Since these are fresh goods, including dairy products, meat, and fish, you must be able to receive the package on the selected date. So you have to be at home or have a large refrigerator available there when you pick it up in the office in order to be able to bring the ingredients home fully fresh.

With a delivery time of two to four hours, you can’t leave home spontaneously. Spontaneous holidays are also difficult, as a cancellation of the ordered meal kits is usually only possible several days in advance.

Looking for Meals for One Delivered to Your Home? Choose the Best Meal Delivery Service for Singles

We have selected the two best services that offer meal kits for singles. We will also take a look at several other options, but let’s first focus on these two.

Hello Fresh: Everyday Yummies

Hello Fresh is one of the pioneers of cooking boxes – the company started in Berlin in 2011 and now delivers its meal plans for one person in seven countries. The kit of three or five dishes for two or four people is available as a subscription, which can be canceled every week.

You can choose from meal kits with and without meat and fish as well as a fruit box. Since 2016, two dishes from star chef Jamie Oliver have also been available every week in the two cooking boxes. Hello Fresh purchases all products from regional suppliers and in organic quality. Hello Fresh delivers the portioned ingredients once a week in cardboard boxes insulated with sheep’s wool – directly to the customer. Instructions for storing all products are included in the package. The exact preparation is explained both in the supplied recipe cards and in the company’s own app with a timer function. Not only salt and pepper but also oil, vinegar, butter, and sugar are required in your own kitchen.

With its meal kits, Hello Fresh offers quickly prepared recipes for beginners who value high-quality ingredients. Hobby chefs or experimental connoisseurs with too little time to shop will find what they are looking for, that’s for sure.

Marley Spoon: For Those Who Like to Experiment

Marley Spoon can be called the best meal delivery for singles. This single people service offers the choice between seven dishes for two people and seven child-friendly recipes for families. The dishes are a mix of vegetarian, fish, and meat dishes. Every week, the ingredients for two to four meals are delivered to your home by courier in a cardboard box insulated with sheep’s wool; they last up to four days. Delivery is possible on three selectable days of the week, the subscription can be paused or canceled weekly.

Novel ingredient compositions such as red bean stew with savoy cabbage or pasta with tomatoes and raisins characterize the dishes. The high-quality ingredients come from regional companies, some of the organic quality. However, sugar, salt, pepper, and olive oil should be in stock for the recipes at home.

The preparation is also easy for newcomers to cooking thanks to illustrated step-by-step instructions. However, after the time specified in the recipe, some ingredients may be still al dente. Adults can easily get individual meal delivery to cook for themselves at Marley Spoon. This meal delivery service for one makes daily cooking easier.

Green Chef

Green Chef stands out among other meal delivery services for its use of certified organic ingredients and clean label recipes for all of its meal plans. Although modifications cannot be made for specific dietary needs, customers can choose from three different menus, including one that’s 100% plant-based, and can filter for other dietary preferences. It cannot be called the best meal delivery service for one person, but it is still a nice choice for single people.


EveryPlate is an offshoot of Green Chef, which was recently acquired by HelloFresh for anyone who’s keeping track. While Green Chef offers a more gourmet approach to pre-prepped and portioned recipes, EveryPlate aims to be the most affordable meal kit service and has seemingly succeeded. This service also offers a meal kit for singles.

On any given weekly menu you’ll find options for meatloaf, pork chops, chicken pot pie, tacos, and pasta recipes.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron conveniently delivers meal kits to your door in an ice-packed box. Choose from 8 different meal options a week for two people or a family of 4. They deliver 7 days of the week and they partner with family-run farms and artisanal suppliers to ensure great quality and sustainable practices. This is a great choice for meal prep for one.

Best-Meal-Delivery-Service-for-Singles meal

10 Tips for Your Healthy Eating

Many single people have one more goal except finding a meal delivery service for one person. They want to eat healthy food, but it may be pretty difficult due to unhealthy eating habits. We have prepared some recommendations that can help you eat healthier.

Fruit on the Table

Even if you buy fruits regularly, sometimes you may be too lazy to find and wash them to eat. But if the washed fruits are placed on a dish in the center of the kitchen table, the likelihood that they will be eaten increases significantly. Supplement the fruit with chopped carrots, cucumbers, or celery sticks – we are sure that they will be quickly eaten.

Cooking Together

This advice is more suitable for parents whose children are picky and refuse to eat something new (and they are reluctant to eat what they got used to as well). It is a great idea to involve the children in preparing a salad, side dish, or some other dish. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it will help you to become closer.

Serving in Portions

Are you single who is worried about being overweight and would like to get rid of those extra pounds? Proper nutrition for weight loss involves not only correcting the general diet but also changing some of the usual rituals. When food is served on a plate for everyone, each family member or guest eats 35% more food than they would if the meal was served in portions. The difference is really impressive, so it’s worth a try.

Hidden Salt Shaker

Eating healthy means reducing the amount of salt in your diet. The World Health Organization is concerned that people eat too much salt, which is a direct path to hypertension and other problems. You should eat no more than 5 g of salt per day, which corresponds to one teaspoon.

The best way to cut down on your salt intake is to simply move the salt shaker out of the way. We are sure that you will not want to go after it or climb to the top shelf, in general, you will really start to eat less salt.

Get Rid of TV

Is TV a kind of family member? Part with it, remove it from the kitchen, and move it to the living room or any other place where you are not eating. It is estimated that people who eat lunch or dinner in front of the TV eat more than when they eat and simply socialize with each other.

Food without video accompaniment does not become less tasty and nutritious, on the contrary, without a TV, people eat more consciously, do not miss the moment of satiety, which means they do not eat more than they should have.

An Unconventional Approach

It is worth giving up the idea that proper nutrition is recipes that imply the most tasteless and unloved. It must be remembered that desserts can be healthy, and vegetables and fish can be delicious.

No need to focus on the fact that you may not like the fish, the vegetable sauce will not be to your taste, and the cutlet with chopped zucchini added to it will remain intact. Try new dishes boldly, without really dwelling on their composition (unless we are talking about a possible food allergy).

In addition, you should not transfer your food preferences and dislikes to others. If you love berries and bananas, this does not mean at all that your children will also be crazy about strawberries and blackberries. Do you hate fish? Offer it to children and older relatives – it is likely that they will like it.

Examining Labels

Some foods only pretend to be healthy, but in reality, they are not. Eco Yogurt can be made from farm milk, but it also contains a lot of sugar, and gluten-free cookies will be super-calorie. In addition to fiber, a cereal bar sometimes contains sugar and much more, which makes it not entirely healthy.

A careful study of the labels and composition will help you understand which foods are really worthy to appear on your table and which ones should be avoided.

Water Instead of Juice

Is juice or soda a must in any meal? It’s time to find a replacement. Try homemade compote or fruit drink with a low sugar content, carbonated or plain water, unsweetened tea, milk, or freshly squeezed juices of our own production. With the help of healthy meal delivery for one person, you can also find healthy drinks that you will definitely like.

The bonus of such drinks is that you can put in them what is really good for your health. Apple, celery and cinnamon or orange, carrot, and apple – choose the ingredients to taste.

Plate According to the Rules

What should be on the plate of someone who adheres to proper nutrition? You can improve your diet by trying to change the approach to serving dishes. Half of each serving is non-starchy vegetables. It can be a salad, just vegetables, cut into slices or wedges, for example, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, celery. The salad can be seasoned with olive oil or with avocado slices.

A quarter of the plate should be given for carbohydrates: cereals, for example, rice, legumes, or pasta from durum wheat. Another quarter is protein: meat, fish, seafood. Don’t forget about nuts and seeds, which are also rich in protein and make a great addition to a salad.

In addition, it is advisable to adhere to the rainbow nutrition system – try to have vegetables and fruits of all colors of the rainbow on the table every day. If this succeeds, then you can definitely be sure that you get most of the essential vitamins and minerals, and no one will call your food and the food of your family monotonous and unhealthy.


What Is the Best Meal Delivery Service for a Single Person?

As you have understood from this article, there are plenty of services that offer diverse cuisines and options for single people. So, it is pretty difficult to say for sure which one is the best. All of the companies we have described have a flawless reputation and are great for single people.

Does Blue Apron Offer Meal Delivery Plans for One Person?

Can a single person select Blue Apron and choose their meal plans for singles? Unfortunately, there is no meal plan designed for single people. Nevertheless, single people can utilize a meal plan for two. But be ready there will be something left.

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