Choose the Best Indian Meal Delivery Service: An Overview

Indian cuisine is one of the most delicious and spicy food collections in the world. Perhaps that’s why plenty of people are interested in finding an ideal Indian meal delivery service. Religion has greatly influenced the development of the culinary traditions of this multinational country. As you know, the overwhelming part of the population of this country is made up of people professing Islam and Hinduism. Islam imposes a ban on the consumption of pork, and in Hinduism, it is forbidden to eat beef.

Accordingly, vegetables and cereals form the basis of traditional Indian dishes. Over the past several hundred years, recipes from poultry (chicken, turkey, duck), which came to India thanks to the influence of the Tatar peoples, have also been added to the range of Indian dishes.

Peculiarities of Indian Cuisine

As it was mentioned, due to religious restrictions, most local people do not eat beef and pork. The national cuisine of this country contains a whole group of different meat and vegetable dishes prepared using the world-famous curry sauce, which uses a mixture of the following spices: turmeric, coriander, red pepper, cumin, garlic, tamarind, and other seasonings.

Hindus believe that spices can not only change the taste of a dish, but also the mood of the person who uses them. As in other countries of the East, in India they treat spices in a special way, adding them to almost all dishes. Almost every Indian food free delivery service uses plenty of spices. So, if you don’t like those, choose an Indian food delivery service that offers flexible Indian food kits.

The most popular is the already mentioned mixture of spices “curry”, as well as saffron, cloves, ginger, cumin, nutmeg, mango powder, and various peppers. Residents of the north prefer to drink tea with various additives: cream or milk, spices, and lemon. Residents of the south are more fond of coffee. Also, Hindus drink the popular lassi drink, similar to a milkshake – it is prepared on the basis of yogurt, fruits with the addition of salt, and other spices. Fruit juices and coconut milk are also common. Hindus do not consume alcoholic beverages. The cuisines of the northern and southern parts of the country differ in many ways.

The northerners prepare many meat dishes, generously flavored with spices and butter. Southerners prefer vegetable dishes, and they are quite spicy. Along with the differences, there is a common feature that unites the two parts of the country: a large number of dishes made from legumes.

The western part of the country is distinguished by the fact that many fish dishes are prepared here. Hindus love to marinate seafood in various sauces before cooking, some of which have a rather peculiar smell. The abundance of fatty foods is a real test for the stomach. To improve digestion, it is recommended to chew a pan (betel nut rolls with a nut filling).

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Yogurt and the Cult of Sacred Cows in India

Due to the existence of the cult of sacred cows, the use of beef is prohibited in India. On the other hand, dairy products are very popular, especially yogurt. In many Indian homes, a meal without it is considered incomplete. This has a fairly simple explanation. Casein, which is found in dairy products, is good at quenching thirst caused by very spicy foods.


Initially, even before the era of colonization, only warriors ate meat in India. Now, vegetables play a special role in Indian cuisine. In the preparation of many dishes, lentils, beans, zucchini, eggplants, and tomatoes, cauliflower and spinach are used.

Kingdom of Spices

Influenced by tradition and historical events, Indian chefs have developed into seasoning specialists. Most Indians are vegetarians, as we have mentioned, so the skillful use of seasonings has become a real art. Among the many spices used in Indian cuisine are cumin, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, red and green chili, cinnamon, saffron, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, anise, sesame seeds, onions, and garlic.

Good Manners

Traditional Indian food is eaten with hands, breaking off a piece of chapati with the right hand and picking rice with vegetables or meat on it. Of course, if you are not comfortable eating with your hands, you can use a fork or spoon. It is also worth remembering that Hindus do not drink alcohol while eating, they use ice water or yogurt instead.


Despite its immense popularity, curry is considered a spice of the common people. And yet for many gourmets, this dish is a culinary miracle. Despite the huge variety of curry types, there is a group of additives (garlic, ginger, onion, chili, or yogurt) that are essential when making it.

Cooking and Serving Methods

Indian chefs are masters of rice and vegetable dishes, so the main methods of cooking are stewing, frying, and baking. As for meat and fish dishes, Indian cuisine is famous for a large number of recipes for marinade sauces, which allow the meat to acquire a special aroma and delicate texture. Traditionally, Indian dishes are served to guests on a special tray called thali, or on the leaves of a banana tree. Usually, a bowl of cold water is supplied with the dish. Drinking water is a must-have when eating spicy food.

Almost all types of food are eaten with the right hand, without using conventional cutlery. Before eating and in between serving different dishes, it is customary to wash your hands in a bowl of warm water and lemon juice. It is not customary to have a conversation while eating. After a hearty meal, the Hindus chew the pan.

Now you know a little bit more about Indian meal prep. Let’s finally proceed to the overview of the best Indian home cooked food delivery services.

Top Services

The Cumin Club

The Cumin Club offers delivery of tasty 5-minute Indian meals that are sourced, cooked, dehydrated, and packed in 5 different regions in India. These convenient packets, filled with authentic ingredients, are delicious for anyone but are particularly appreciated by busy people longing for a taste of authentic Indian food.

Saffron Fix

Saffron Fix is a meal-kit service for cooking your favorite Indian dishes! You pick a recipe, and this Indian home cooking service delivers portioned spices and chopped ingredients to cook healthy and delicious Indian meals quickly, all in the comfort of your own home. The ingredients are vacuum-sealed and shipped in temperature-controlled boxes that keep the ingredients fresh and cool while they get to you.


As we know, it may be pretty time-consuming to cook Indian dishes yourself. Preparation requires special knowledge, but you can always choose Indian food home delivery! This service may be useful for people with busy schedules, as it may free up time otherwise spent shopping for and preparing meals. All the ingredients are fresh and yummy, so if you are into an Indian kitchen, it will be a sound choice.

Takeout Kit

The idea of Takeout Kit was born when its founder Rachel Lake noticed that most meal kits need to be used within 5 days at most. If not, the food goes to waste, along with the cash spent. This inspired her to create a perfect solution for what she calls “meal kit anxiety” – the stress that comes from knowing that your meal kits may go bad before you find the time to cook the meals.

Takeout Kit is a meal kit delivery that turns takeout favorites into easy-to-cook meals. With this service, you can order as often as you want, have a taste of various world cuisines, customize your kits, and cook exotic meals for 4 in half an hour.

In order to differentiate itself from the rest of the lot, Takeout Kit Indian food delivery does not just sell Indian prepared meals but strives to provide an unforgettable dining experience. It sources its ingredients from countries around the globe, bringing you exotic spices, sauces, and extras that give the international meals on its menu their authentic taste.


I Have an Allergy. How Do I Know Which Food I Can Order?

The cuisine is very diverse, it can contain a large number of different specific products: nuts, cream, etc. Thanks to the personalized approach, the Indian packaged meals can be easily adapted to your needs. The main thing is to indicate in the order the ingredient to which you are allergic and it will be replaced or removed from the dish.

Is Such Food Very Spicy?

Indian food contains a huge amount of condiments. Top services use the best spices for cooking. They are of the highest quality and better reveal the taste of dishes. Some of the spices are fried, some are added raw according to the recipe. Many spices are hot, that’s for sure.

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