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Healthy eating… we hear this phrase so often. Nowadays, there are lots of services that offer healthy meals delivery. Factor service is the one we’ll talk about.

But what do we need to do to eat right, and why do we need it? Satisfying hunger is one of the body’s most important instincts to keep alive. First, all cells and tissues of our body are formed from the food we eat. Secondly, food is a source of energy needed for the body to function.

Therefore, our health depends on what we eat, in what quantity, when, and how.

Proper nutrition presupposes that many nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals, and vitamins – must be supplied to the body regularly, in the required amount, and in optimal proportions. Factor reviews show that this service is one of the best. So, let’s try to figure out why people like it.

Short Overview

Factor is a meal delivery service that is also known as Factor75. This service is focused on health. There are rotating Factor menus of diverse dishes prepared by professionals. The goal of Factor, according to Factor meal delivery reviews, is to provide people who have to follow specific diets with healthy and nutritious food.

Also, Factor is an ideal choice for those who like to eat deliciously but have no time to cook themselves. All of the Factor plans do not require cooking skills at all. All you have to do is to heat up and enjoy. Let’s now have a look at some advantages and disadvantages.

Factor 75 main page


  • No preparation is required.
  • Food is delivered fresh.
  • No preservatives included.
  • Recipes are great; the diversity of flavors is simply impressive.
  • Meals are GMO-free.
  • Portions are of proper size.
  • There are plenty of add-ons.
  • The shipping is free.


  • There are no Factor recipe cards for those who’d like to learn to cook similar dishes.
  • Some reviews of Factor say it is more expensive than visiting groceries and cooking by yourself (but imagine the amount of time you spend cooking in this case).
  • Plant-based options are limited.
  • No family plans.

A healthy diet makes it possible to stabilize weight without violent restrictions, helps to get rid of diseases and prevent their development, and helps to restore intellectual and physical energy. Healthy eating is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

To have a healthy and balanced diet, you need not only desire but also knowledge. Reviews for Factor state that professionals who are working here know for sure how to make a diet balanced. As a result of such a choice, you will become healthier and more energetic.

Another plus is that it is possible to use Factor promo code to save money. Promo codes for the first order, for the first two weeks, and for the first three weeks are present.


By having a glance at the official website of the company, one can immediately notice that the main focus is on health. There is nothing harmful there: lots of salmon, chicken, grains, beans. More protein, fewer calories.

The majority of meals have from 500 to 800 calories.

Moreover, there are lots of options that are suitable for those who follow the keto diet, for instance. A great thing about the site is that it is possible to utilize filters to look for what you like. Filters are different, so it will be pretty easy. Factor meal kits reviews say this feature is pretty convenient.

According to Factor meal reviews, the meals this company offers are diverse. Some of them are pretty simple, while the others are really sophisticated. Amazing sauces, seasoning, only fresh veggies – that’s what can be found.

Another question that interests those who like to eat healthy is Factor cost. In fact, Factor pricing depends on what you choose. If you order eighteen positions weekly, the cost per meal is likely to be about eleven dollars. The smallest amount of meals is four. In this case, each will cost you fifteen dollars. As you can see, Factor prices are not extraordinarily high.

Factor 75 how it works

How Factor Works

The first thing you have to do to try Factor food is to sign up. There are several options for you to choose from: you can either go to the official website or download their application. The procedure of registration is the same in both cases. First of all, you have to provide your email and zip code. This is needed to show you truthful information about prices and shipping terms. After this, you have to select the number of meals you would like to get weekly. The options are 4, 6, 8, 12, 18.

Having selected a plan, you have to select meals and add-ons. The best option to choose is to look through the menu using filters. Each option is accompanied by a picture, so you will see what meals look like. There are also descriptions, a list of ingredients, and nutritional information. A great thing is that shipping is completely free in the US.

How Easy Are Factor Meal Kits to Prepare?

Almost every Factor meal kits review underlines that Factor provides meals completely ready for eating. This means that you don’t have to spend additional time cooking. When you’re ready, just microwave and eat up! Meals can be stored in the fridge for up to a week, which is also a plus.

Yummy meals, fresh ingredients, excellent service, ease of preparation – all these components make Factor ratings so high.

Who Is Factor Good For?

Factor food delivery service is a great option for those who have no time or simply lack cooking skills. Factor is also a good service for those who stick to diverse diets. As we have previously mentioned, lots of filters make it easy to find exactly what suits your taste and needs.

Besides, if you are just about to start your healthy journey, it is a nice choice too.

Who Isn’t It Good For?

Although the advantages of Factor are numerous, it may not be the best choice for some categories of people. For instance, it is not the best choice for families and for those who try to save every penny. It is not too cheap. Besides, plant-based eaters are better to choose something else.

Factor 75 pricing

Factor Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

The Factor meals are delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Tuesdays. It depends on where you live. Boxes with meals are big in size. Inside of them, cold gel packs are placed. This is done to keep the food yummy and fresh irrespective of weather conditions. Fresh meals are packaged in recyclable plastic, covered in non-recyclable plastic film, and tucked into a recyclable cardboard sleeve. The name of the meal is indicated on it, as well as the instructions on how to cook it and the list of ingredients.

All in all, the packaging is environmentally friendly: the big cardboard box can be recycled. Three types of insulation are used. Cold gel packs can be reused, which is also a plus. They can help you keep your meals cold when going for a picnic, etc.

Changing and Canceling Order

It is also important for customers to be able to change or cancel the order. So, subscription customers have the ability to select, change, pause, or cancel a meal delivery any time prior to the weekly cut-off time on Wednesdays at 11:59 pm Central. Orders cannot be modified or canceled after the cut-off time. Unless notified by the subscriber prior to the cut-off, Factor will prepare and ship the meals selected in accordance with subscription terms and bill the credit card on file in accordance with our normal billing procedures. Order cancellations must be submitted prior to the cut-off time to take effect for the next week’s delivery.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or complaints, you are welcome to contact the customer support service. There are several options to do it: you can either email the company, call them, or utilize the live chat feature. Moreover, there is a page with frequently asked questions. It may also help you to solve lots of problems without contacting the support team directly.

Almost every Factor review underlines how professional customer service of the company is. So, you can be sure all of the possible problems you may face will be solved quickly and professionally.


As you can see, Factor is worth trying. But are there other similar ones that are worth taking a look at? Here are two similar meal delivery services you may find interesting.

Healthy Chef Creations


  • Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.
  • Offers meal plans or a la carte items.
  • Dinner-only meals start at $16.99 per day.
  • Offers four plans.

Better Meals, Better You


  • Food is fresh, not frozen.
  • Meal plans start at $60 a week.
  • Uses organic produce.
  • Uses pasture-raised, grass-fed meat.


All in all, Factor is certainly one of the best options to try if you are into fresh and healthy food. Understandably, it has some flaws, but they are not crucial. How much is Factor? It depends on your choice, but meal plans are pretty affordable.

Factor 75 meals


Is Factor Worth the Money?

Taking into account great packaging, free delivery, lots of meals offered, their ingredients, we can say for sure that it is worth trying meals from Factor. It’s all about your health.

Is Factor Easy to Cancel?

If you have made a mistake and want to change or cancel your order, it’s pretty easy to do it without contacting the support service. Just remember that you can do it until the weekly cut-off time on Wednesdays at 11:59 pm Central.

Are Factor Meals Healthy?

The company is focused on providing people with fresh and healthy food. So, yes, it is healthy and nutritious. If you’ve been looking for a healthy way to change your diet, consider this option.

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