Fresh Meal Plan Review: 500+ Fully Prepared Dishes for Everyone 

Nowadays, it’s not trendy to spend hours cooking. There are so many versatile activities you can try that it’s not always possible to allocate a couple of hours for shipping and preparing. Moreover, the modern pace of life is so busy that you can even forget to sleep, not to mention cooking. Fresh Meal Plan review is ready to help you to get rid of this time-consuming process. It’s one of the popular food delivery services in the USA. It’s an ideal solution for those who don’t want to spend even half an hour preparing breakfast, dinner, or supper. The clients of the service receive fully prepared kits that should be only heated. Moreover, Fresh Meal Plan has some distinguishing features that make it different from other opponents.

Short Overview (Pros and Cons)

Fresh Meal Plan reviews underline that it’s the best delivery service for those who are tired of humdrum and monotonous dishes the greater part of opponents offers. Fresh Meal Plan is ready to provide its clients with more than 500 varieties of fresh and tasty dishes. Yet, awesome versatility is not the major advantage of the platform. All the ingredients are always of top quality and never frozen.

The next crucial peculiarity that all the Fresh Meal Plan review notices is the nutrition balance of every single dish on the menu. By the way, it was created by a 5-star gourmet chef and co-founder. It means you do not need to worry that your organism won’t receive some important minerals or vitamins. With Fresh Meal Plan food delivery, it’s easy to eat healthy and nutrient-balanced food.

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Reasons to Say Yes

  • A wide spectrum of available options.
  • The ease of use.
  • Cool quality.
  • Yummy recipes

Reasons to Say No

  • Price.

Fresh Meal Plan may seem expensive in comparison with other food delivery services. Moreover, the minimal number of portions you can order is 4.

  • Accessibility.

Fresh Meal Plan meal kits review points out that food delivery is possible only throughout the continental states.


It’s possible to order from 6 to 14 meals per week. The more portions you order, the less you pay. Fresh Meal Plan pricing varies from $10 to $12 per option. It means you have to pay from $72 to $140 per week. Moreover, you should keep in mind that transportation costs are not included. Fresh Meal Plan cost depends on the menu you choose. There are five major categories when it comes to Fresh Meal Plan plans. They are:

  • Traditional.

It’s a good solution for families, as reviews for Fresh Meal Plan denote. You are to order grilled BBQ chicken, the fresh slam, eggs in a basket, and other common dishes.

  • Paleo.

Fresh Meal Plan meal reviews state that it’s low in complex carbs and includes various nuts and seeds. You may order bistro chicken or citrus herb chicken, for instance.

  • Keto.

All the dishes are high in healthy fat. You can savor steak burgers or all-American keto breakfast, for instance.

  • Vegan.

You will find neither fish nor meat on the menu.

  • Lean and mean.

The clients often order shrimp pasta, salmon sliders. You should keep in mind that this menu is not changed every week.

There is also an A la Carte option. It allows you to add dressings, desserts, or other extras to your dish. You can’t help but appreciate the fact that with the help of the Fresh Meal Plan promo code, you can save money. Moreover, all newbies are to save up to $20 off their first 2 weeks with the service.

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How Fresh Meal Plan Works

Fresh Meal Plan meal delivery reviews highlight that the service is extremely easy to use. To start receiving boxes with healthy and yummy edibles, you have to create an account on the Fresh Meal Plan website. You have to enter your email and zip code.

It should be noticed that delivery options vary from state to state. Thus, South Florida deliveries are to arrive Sunday and Wednesday nights. National deliveries arrive by Saturday.

How Easy Are Fresh Meal Plan Meal Kits to Prepare?

You do not even need any Fresh Meal Plan recipe cards. It takes only 2-3 minutes to prepare yummy dishes. The thing is, you receive the fully prepared Fresh Meal Plan meals. You just have to heat them. It’s not even necessary to replace the food on another plate.

Who Is Fresh Meal Plan Good for?

Reviews of Fresh Meal Plan show that this delivery service is almost ideal. There is a wide range of people who find this food delivery firm fantastic. Those who want to be fit enjoy the well-balanced dish. Those who want to save time savor the fact that they do not need to spend time cooking. Those who prefer high-quality food fall in love with fresh and tasty ingredients. Even if you’re a sweet tooth, you find something special in the A la Carte option on the Fresh Meal Plan website.

Who It Isn’t Good For?

People who suffer from allergies or diabetes should be careful when using the service. Yet, all the options have detailed descriptions. You may exclude the ingredients you do not consume. It’s possible to do it in your account on the Fresh Meal Plan website.

Moreover, Fresh Meal Plan underlines that the service is not the best choice for those who want to improve their cooking skills. The only thing you should do with the boxes you receive is heat them in a microwave oven. It’s clear, you are not going to learn how to cook this or that dish in such a way.

Fresh Meal Plan Packaging

Fresh Meal Plan meal kits reviews indicate that the food the people receive is always fresh. It’s possible thanks to the top-quality packaging solutions. The company uses awesome insulated packaging to transport food fresh. As the boxes arrive, you have to put them in the fridge. Every portion is placed in a container. You can heat the dishes just in it. The containers are microwave-friendly. Moreover, they are absolutely safe for human beings.

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Changing and Canceling Order

Fresh Meal Plan reviews indicate that you do not need to fill in endless forms or go through intricate quizzes in order to change or cancel your subscription. You should not even call the customer support service. You can do it in your account on the site.

While some options of the Fresh Meal Plan are transformed weekly, you have to alter your preferences if you desire to get new offerings. Otherwise, you are going to receive the chef’s choice and the options from your standard plan. All the alterations should be done before weekly cut-offs.

Customer Service

Reviews of Fresh Meal Plan underline that the managers of the customer support service are ready to help you to solve any of your problems no matter whether they are connected with the right choice of menu or delivery process. There are three possible ways to contact the managers:

  • by live chat;
  • by email;
  • by phone.

Yet, the customer support service doesn’t function 24/7. Its working hours are 8 am-6 pm Eastern. You should also keep in mind that in some states, the delivery is carried out by a logistics partner. If you have some problems with it, you should contact the very that firm.


If for some reason, you do not like Fresh Meal Plan menus and want to change them for something different, you have a great choice to choose from. One of the winning solutions is Home Chef. It’s a well-known meal delivery service with a perfect reputation. Like Fresh Meal Plan, it allows you to customize available options in accordance with your desires. Moreover, it’s available in all states. Yet, the dishes Home Chef offers are not so balanced. That’s why it’s not a perfect variant for those who want to lose weight.

Blue Apron is another alternative to the company. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to improve their culinary skills. Yet, the Blue Apron menu is rather limited. There are only a few vegetarian options.

The Verdict

So, Fresh Meal Plan is an ideal meal service for human beings who are fond of yummy and affordable dishes. You are to get prepared foods that correspond to your diet requirements. Fresh Meal Plan prices are reasonable and affordable for a wide range of consumers. Thanks to the A la Carte option, you can customize your order. It means every client of the service eats exactly what he or she likes. At the same time, it should be noticed that some options of the Fresh Meal Plan menus are accessible for residents not of all states. That’s why you should be attentive when choosing your favorites.

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Are Fresh Meal Plan Meals Healthy?

Fresh Meal Plan ratings show that many people choose this delivery platform thanks to the high quality of the ingredients. Although not all of them are organic, every dish is well-balanced. You get the needed amount of necessary microelements, fats, and calories.

Is Fresh Meal Plan Easy to Cancel?

The procedure of changing or canceling your subscription plan is very simple. You should enter your account on the Fresh Meal Plan website and add changes. It’s also possible to pause the delivery of the kits. The only thing you should remember is that it’s necessary to cancel your subscription before weekly cut-offs.

Does Fresh Meal Plan Have Coupons for Existing Customers?

How much is Fresh Meal Plan? This is one of the most popular questions about the service. The next buzz question is “Are there any sales or coupons?’ The existing clients of the platform can get $40 for each friend they refer. It’s a cool option to better your budget.

Is Fresh Meal Plan Worth the Money?

The firm is a good meal delivery service that is able to meet the needs and expectations of a wide range of people. The specialists of the service pay special attention to the quality of all the ingredients. They buy organic food at local farms to provide clients with healthy options. That’s why the prices are quite reasonable.

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