Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot: How to Choose Meal Delivery Service 

Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot is a great battle. These companies are leaders in their niche. They offer services for people. They have similar target audiences, and their services are almost the same. But these two are still different. It is necessary to see what their discrepancies are. In the review, we will research the Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot battle.

It is important to note that both agencies don’t offer their services to Alaska and Hawaii. These are two areas that are unable for the customers at Green Chef and Purple Carrot. If you live in another state, you can easily try the delivery. But living in these 2 states makes it impossible to place the order.

Green Chef Overview

Green Chef is a company to provides organic ingredients to people. They aim at offering certified organic food and various diet plans. The company is known to work with certified foods. The recipes are healthy, fresh, and full of vegetables. On the website, you can find lots of options for customers with different tastes.

It is easy to cook prepared foods at home. If you want to save some time and enjoy the fast cooking process, Chen Chef is the best company for you. You may receive a package full of ingredients. And all you need is to put them all together, heat, and enjoy the meal.

Green Chef main page

Purple Carrot Overview

When you work with Purple Carrot, you may get a healthy meal kit for the day. This is the best delivery service for vegan options. It is aimed at plant-based food choices. You don’t need to go to the store and look for the ingredients. Purple Carrot can make it easier.

The company offers a range of lunch or dinner ideas. You may also order breakfast to have more spare time in the morning. This is a great meal delivery company for people who take care of their health. Working with Purple Carrot can save time and bring more diversity to your daily routine.

Purple Carrot vs. Green Chef: Pros and Cons

On the web, there are lots of websites to offer meal delivery to the customers. Some of them are good. But others aren’t worth working with. In the article, we touch upon two major food delivery services. Let’s compare green chef vs. purple carrot to see their basic advantages.

Purple Carrot: Pros and Cons

When you work with the service, you expect the best quality of the ingredients and high-quality communication. Let’s see what you can get here.

  • On the Purple Carrot website, you can find a whole lot of various meal recipes. There are diet plans for different people. You can follow your nutrition plan with the company.
  • If you aim to lose weight, Purple Carrot may help you. The nutritionists eagerly help customers with their weight loss journey.
  • The ingredients are fresh. Their combinations are new and interesting to taste.
  • Not all the ingredients are organic. Some of them are simply conventional. If you prefer organic meals, Purple Carrot isn’t the best choice for you. And this is the difference between Purple Carrot and Green Chef.
  • Not all the meals are ready to cook. You will have more time on some of the options from the menu.

Green Chef: Pros and Cons

It is time to compare the services. Let’s see what are the advantages to working with Green Chef.

  • There are food choices for almost any diet. If you follow a strict prescription from the doctor, you may find the option here.
  • Green Chef uses organic packaging.
  • You won’t be bored by the food. The recipes are interesting. If you want to make your eating routine more exotic, Green Chef is a good choice.
  • Customers admit that the company is a good one. But many of them also say that ordering meals here is pricey. The cost of the food is more than average.

Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot: Pricing Policies

The price of the prepared foods may differ. It is always pricier than using a conventional way of cooking. But it is easier. What is the cost of the prepared meal kit at each company? Let’s see the average price list.

Green Chef Pricing

You can choose from 2 basic food options. There are sets for 2 people or family-size packages. You can order the meal weekly or once a month. What does the price depend on? The size defines the money you need to pay. The choice of diet plan is also an important factor.

Keto or Paleo diet will cost you up to $85 per box. If you choose vegetarian recipes, you need at least $78 for a 2-person box. The prices for family boxes will be higher.

Purple Carrot Pricing

The price here is also dependent on several factors. The first one is the number of servings. The more you order, the more you should pay. And it’s also important to pay attention to the diet plan. You should pay about $10 per serving if you order dinner.

Breakfast costs less. You should pay about $5 per one person. There are also various snacks on the menu. But you should pay extras to buy them.

Types of Menu

Green Chef and Purple Carrot offer similar services to the customers. Let’s see what are the differences between the menus on their website.

Green Chef Menu Types

The company wants to meet the needs of people. It is important to offer a variety of green options to the customers. Green Chef offers various diet plans. You can choose vegetarian or vegan food. If you follow a more strict diet, Paleo or keto is available here. Lots of people opt for pescatarian meal choices. There are also dairy-free and low-carb food options.

The clients admit that cooking with Green Chef is easy. The meal comes in separate packages. It is convenient to heat it together and enjoy the food. But there’s one drawback. If you want to eat a balanced meal, Green Chef can’t offer you Paleo or Keto plans at the same time. You should choose.

Purple Carrot Menu Types

The company offers vegan plant-based options for the customers. You can find gluten-free items on the menu. The company takes care of its customers. You will enjoy high protein and low-calorie recipes.

There are nut-free meals. If you are allergic to nuts, Purple Carrot is better for you. You can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. There are also snacks. The food is organic. You can enjoy simple but still healthy food options at home. There are great choices for vegans. If you want to try more plant-based food, Purple Carrot may offer healthy options.

purple carrot main page

Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot Boxes

When talking about packaging, it is important to take a look at both companies. Some people don’t care about the boxes, while others are mad about the packaging. Green Chef offers organic nature-friendly boxes for the customers. Clients admit that the packages are organic and don’t damage nature.

But Purple Carrot doesn’t have the same approach to packaging. They use less organic materials. And this is problematic for many customers. The food service is supposed to provide healthy choices for the customers. But they pay little attention to the boxes to transfer the food. The boxes aren’t fully recyclable.

Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot: Ordering Process

Ordering prepared foods should be easy. It is supposed to save time and make the whole cooking routine faster. Green Chef and Purple Carrot have a common approach to the ordering process. Before ordering you should know about the delivery area. Green Chef and Purple Carrot don’t offer their services to Alaska and Hawaii. These are two basic places that the service can’t reach.

With Green Chef, you can order the food easily. You need to open the website and create an account. It is important because it makes the whole process easier. With an account, you can get discount options. When you’re done with your subscription, you can proceed with your order. Choose a meal plan on the website and pay for the order. This is easy.

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. You can simply open the menu online, choose the plan and wait until the food is at your doorstep.

Purple Carrot is also easy to use. You should manage the same steps to place the order. The website is quite easy to use. You need to open the menu page and choose the items. The order is ready when you pay for it. You should use online payment methods. The food will be at your doorstep within a few days.

Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot Support Team

It is often a problematic topic for online services. Clients may have different issues related to the food or ordering process. And it is important to have a well-developed support team to respond to the questions. Both companies have a well-organized support team. The managers are ready to answer the questions and consult you.


Which is better green chef vs. purple carrot? This is an eternal question. If you are a picky client, you need to learn more about the service before ordering food. The companies offer high-quality services. You should have no worries about the food when working with Green Chef or Purple Carrot. But there are some differences between them. And it may influence your decision.

If you choose Purple Carrot, remember that the boxes may badly affect nature. The company doesn’t use 100% recyclable materials. The packaging is just ok. Green Chef is more careful about the boxes. Their packaging is less damaging to nature.

Another critical aspect is the menu diversity. You can choose Purple Carrot if you follow plant-based recipes. They offer a lot of vegetarian meals. But you won’t enjoy a diverse menu with Purple Carrot. Green Chef offers a wider list of recipes. You can find a broad range of food options. If you want to experience new tastes and try interesting food combinations, Green Chef is better for you.

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