Hello Fresh Competitors: Companies You Need to Know About HelloFresh

Always fresh vegetables, delicious recipes, and high-quality products delivered to your home in a box – that is the principle of HelloFresh. Once a week, regardless of whether for two or four people, your meal kit will be sent straight to your kitchen.

But companies like HelloFresh are numerous nowadays, it is no longer the only meal kit supplier on the market today. Here we introduce you to some Hello Fresh competitors that are worth your attention. Many companies similar to Hello Fresh are now available. Every meal kit supplier has something special to offer. Some of the services like Hello Fresh work based on the principles of HelloFresh, others have developed their own system.

But Hello Fresh alternatives we will further describe have one thing in common: you get fresh and delicious food delivered to your home. Check out the best Hellofresh type companies and choose the best for yourself.

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon sends you varied and fresh food right to your home. HelloFresh and Marley Spoon work on the same principle. You choose what you like, decide how many menus you want per week, on which day the box should be delivered and how many people are there.

It doesn’t matter here whether there are 2 people or even 4 people. The chefs of this company offer more than 20 varied dishes per week, all of which can be prepared in 20-45 minutes. You get all the ingredients delivered in the right amount. The packaging is innovative and comes in recyclable cool bags with reusable batteries. A digital recipe card is included.

Purple Carrot

This is another company from the impressive list of companies like Hello Fresh and sites like Hello Fresh. Purple Carrot is a meal kit subscription service that offers plant-based, quick-to-make meal kits delivered right to every customer’s door.

Each delivery, like Hello Fresh, comprises various ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins to prepare the meals you want to choose from each week.

However, unlike other meal delivery services that provide omnivorous meals, Purple Carrot, as well as other companies like Hello Fresh, offers an entirely plant-based alternative for vegetarians alone.

Purple Carrot does not use animal products in any of the meals or ingredients. Also, their meal is ready in about 30 minutes, making it easier to eat dinner in the comfort of your own home. It also allows customers to select and try any dish from their eight dinner plant-based recipes and several dinners, snacks, breakfast, and lunch to create a custom menu that would suit their needs.


Anyone looking for a new HelloFresh alternative will definitely come across Dinnerly. Dinnerly offers cooking boxes that suit everyone’s taste. This company like Hello Fresh is one of the most well-known. It is easy to find your favorite recipes, as this Hellofresh alternative offers similar menu options. All dishes are to be prepared in 5 steps. All recipes are kept very simple. Few ingredients mean less work and classic taste.

The advantage here is that it is affordable and really makes everyday life easier. Great dinners can be easily made of simple ingredients. Even if a subscription is canceled, you are free and can decide on your order at any time. The minimum amount of order is for 2 people. A total of two different meal kits are offered, one for two people and one for 4 people. Dinnerly is a good HelloFresh alternative.


This is another company like hellofresh that is worth your attention. At Foodist, there are monthly meal kits available. But you can also buy individual dishes from that company. This allows you to remain flexible when it comes to cooking.

If you would like to have tasty ingredients delivered to you on a regular basis, you should take a closer look at this service. The Foodist provider is regularly looking for the latest food trends in Europe and provides clients with the appropriate dishes.

The provider selects food favorites every month and sends them to you. This gives you the opportunity to get to know new dishes. The meal kits are sorted thematically so that you can influence their content.

Home Chef

Home Chef is driven by the belief that no matter how busy life is, everyone deserves delicious home-cooked food. This Hello Fresh alternative has everything you need to prepare a meal from scratch in minutes.

Home Chef is similar to HelloFresh in the food offered and the simplicity of the recipes. Every week there are around twenty different dishes on the Home Chef’s menu. You can choose from the full menu or filter by one of four categories – calories, carbohydrates, vegetarian, and 30 minutes or less.

A nice perk of Home Chef is the variety of types of dining sets. Like some other Hellofresh competitors, this company offers recipes from its own culinary collection, which includes recipes that are a little more complex for advanced culinary skills.

The recipes in the Culinary Collection are perfect for an elegant dinner, such as Scallops with Lemon Fettucine Alfredo. At the other end of the food spectrum, there are also options for 15-minute meals and multiple ready-made meals that only need to be warmed in the oven for about 30 minutes.

The only thing this service lacks is menus for dietary needs. You typically eat 2-3 dairy-free meals every week, and this is not enough. However, they neither have menus for food allergies or intolerances nor do they offer certified gluten-free meals.

Home Chef can be an affordable option, with some meal sets starting at $ 6.99. The average price of their meal sets is slightly higher at around $ 9.99. Shipping costs are typically $ 8.99 per box, but they often have free shipping deals.

For Comparison: HelloFresh

As you can see, there are many Hellofresh alternatives offering meal services like Hello Fresh. Let’s have a look at Hello Fresh itself. When it comes to meal kits, HelloFresh is the classic choice. This meal kit provider is very popular because it provides customers with goods at a good price-performance ratio. It also guarantees its customers perfectly fresh food.

A big advantage of HelloFresh is that you can personalize your order exactly according to your preferences. That’s what programs like Hello Fresh try to do as well.

In this regard, the menu proves to be intuitive, so that you can complete the ordering process quickly. You are flexible when preparing your meals.

Each meal kit comes with suitable cooking instructions. This contains the required recipes, foods, and information on the time required to prepare the food.

Eating Without Stress: That’s What Hello Fresh and Others Offer


The ingredients for your dishes are packaged in the meal kit to the nearest gram. So you need nothing else to create your delicious dishes. Okay, there are a few things that should be part of the basic equipment in your kitchen – such as pepper, salt, oil, or vinegar. According to statistics, you save 16 hours in 4 weeks that you would otherwise spend shopping for groceries. Nonetheless, those who struggle with choosing recipes and shopping will probably not only save time but also nerves. In addition, most of the recipes are kept particularly simple and dishes are completely ready within 45 minutes at the most.

So, things like Hello Fresh help you save not only time, they help to save effort and nerves, which is much more important.

Freshness and Quality

Freshness is a top priority for all meals like Hello Fresh we have included in our rating. Whenever possible, the suppliers purchase organic, seasonal products that grow in their regions. This is especially true for vegetables, herbs, and potatoes. This means that the quality of the meal kits is in any case higher than speaking about a regular purchase in the supermarket. As we know, in supermarkets, even organic vegetables are often imported there over long transport routes.

Perishable goods such as meat or lettuce are perfectly refrigerated. All the ingredients in meal kits are delivered as fresh as they are just from the field. Sensitive ingredients are cooled with cool packs. The rest of the food is sorted according to the recipe in paper bags or small plastic packaging (spices, etc …). The bottom line is that you get fresh ingredients in your meal kit, just like from the weekly market.

No Food in the Bin

You get exactly what you need and that helps to avoid waste. If you need a single lime for the recipe, this is included in the box. So you don’t have to buy a pound or more that you may not have a use for. Dressings or dairy products that don’t last very long are also contained in exactly the amount you need.

Savings in Energy

When visiting the store, even if you don’t do it every day, your basket carries a significant amount of weight. You can use the cart, but you will have to drag all this load home with you. However, you can use the store’s courier service. But not every store has it, and it works not too zealously, as a rule.

A Huge Assortment of Food Products

Not all people live in the central areas of the city, which are abundantly saturated with a variety of shops. Many live on the outskirts of the city – in new buildings or summer cottages, near which the infrastructure is not yet developed. It is possible that there is a small shop nearby, but it is unlikely that you will be able to find the entire range of products you need in it.

Saving Money

Products ordered in an online store are much cheaper than in a land-based store. As for meal kit delivery services, they turn out to be cheaper. This is due to the fact that the company providing the delivery service does not have warehouses, and, therefore, does not have to pay high rent. Its costs are reduced only to the courier’s salary and transport. In addition, the company works with the manufacturer without intermediaries, which also helps to reduce costs.

Creative Choices

This is probably the main argument for the meal kit services. Without any effort, you will be presented with new creative and varied recipes every week. You can choose your favorites or let yourself be surprised according to your preferences. So you not only bring new and varied dishes to the menu, but also learn more and more recipes and how to cook them. Moreover, you can keep the recipe cards of your favorite dishes to cook them again. Even exotic dishes end up on the plate frequently, because you don’t have to worry about where to get special ingredients and how to use the leftovers. So, both you and your family will benefit from it.

A great thing about companies like Hello Fresh is the variety of dishes offered. You will never get bored of similar food, surprising your family with new delicacies every day.

FAQ: Alternatives to HelloFresh

The pioneers of meal kits are the two services: HelloFresh and Marley Spoon. Nowadays, however, a selection of services is much bigger than just these two. There are many other companies that are worth your attention. You can now also order culinary gourmet experiences with delivery directly to your home, which was impossible just several years ago.

In addition to the standard meat kit, the veggie kit is now a permanent part of the product range of every supplier, and some cook box suppliers even offer vegan options.

Which Hellofresh Alternative Is Best?

All of the presented providers offer a great service. If you are not sure which is the right box for you and you just want to eat healthy and cheap, then have two different tasting boxes sent to you from different providers. Test those in your own kitchen according to your criteria, and you will easily understand which of the boxes is suitable for you.

HelloFresh vs Marley Spoon – Which Should You Choose?

Marley Spoon is slightly cheaper than HelloFresh at € 3.25 for a meal. But in general, both providers have a relatively similar range of services with a similar concept. The contents of both cooking boxes differ little in terms of freshness, quality of ingredients, delivery, and variety of recipes. HelloFresh, however, has several meal kits (completely different) to choose from, e.g. Family-friendly diet, Thermomix dishes, or low-carb diet. Marley Spoon offers you a larger selection of dishes, 5 more dishes are available here.

What Experiences Do Customers Have With Hellofresh?

HelloFresh comes out as the test winner in many comparisons and customers particularly like the great creativity of the recipes. Another plus is that many recipes are also suitable for families so that young and old can eat delicious and healthy meals together. This is a significant advantage, right?


The meal kit delivery service is really a good thing for you if you don’t have the time, inclination, or knowledge of cooking. You spend less time in the kitchen, the recipes are tasty, the portions are usually large, and not too expensive, which is also important.

Given the impressive selection of services, you will easily find the ideal one to suit your taste, needs, and preferences. If you haven’t tried services of this type yet and have become curious, now is just the right time.

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