Home Bistro Review: Delicious Food with Fast Cooking

Today, food delivery is a popular feature of meal companies. People are getting busier at home and work. They may not have time to go to restaurants. There are countries where people do not have quality goods. Because of this, meal delivery services are a rescue for them. A good thing about it is that you should not go to the shop and buy products. The best chefs have prepared the food and recipes. All the person needs is to take the meal and cook or heat it. Home Bistro is a service that delivers ready goods that only need heating.

Short Overview: Home Bistro’s Pros And Cons

Home Bistro is a meal delivery company. It offers food delivery services to people who want organic food. It is a great option for you, even if you are on a diet or you are a vegetarian. There are the best chefs who prepare foods as you want. This is a healthy diet for people to eat fast. In this Home Bistro meal kits review, let’s see what the pros and cons of the meal service are. Here are the advantages:

  1. There is a choice of more than 50 gourmet meals
  2. The food is prepared by the best chefs in the world
  3. All meals are fresh
  4. You can eat the kits after a short heating
  5. You may order organic healthy food with the ingredients you choose
  6. There are the reviews of Home Bistro products and kits
  7. There is a delivery service all over the world
  8. You may ask questions to customer service by email
  9. All products are checked before shipping
  10. There is a Home Bistro promo code to get a discount

There aren’t many disadvantages in the Home Bistro review. The only one is that you cannot understand what cuisine the meal is from. You only see the names and categories on the website. And there is little information about the ingredients of the meals.

Home Bistro main page

Home Bistro Pricing and Menu

The Home Bistro food delivery includes food kits with meals of different cuisines. The meals are arranged into categories. They include the following:

  1. Best Sellers
  2. Meal Combos
  3. Individual Meals
  4. Dietary Preference
  5. SUPERBowls
  6. Chefs Choice

Each kit has from five to twelve meals. You may watch the ingredients and the Home Bistro menus on the kit page. The main products in the kits include chicken, steak, cauliflower, and other vegetables. You may watch the Home Bistro meal reviews on the website.

How much is Home Bistro food? The price differs depending on the chef and the number of meals. The average Home Bistro prices are from 20 dollars to 300 dollars. Vegan kits are cheaper than meat ones.

How Home Bistro Works?

On the website, there are different food kits. Each kit can be found in a separate category. You can see the Home Bistro meal kits reviews on their pages. Here, you may see the Home Bistro ratings of foods and the price. If you need special products, you may choose from the options. You may state that you do not need red meat, pork, or seafood in the meal. If you are a vegetarian, you should also state this. You can save money if you subscribe for the meal delivery.

On the website, you have two payment options. They are ShopPay and PayPal. After you state the details, you may order the kit. There is also an opportunity to choose the best delivery service chefs. There is a special field where each chef talks about themselves. Some of them post their video presentations. You may choose who will prepare the food.

How Easy Are Home Bistro Meal Kits to Prepare? The Cooking Process

The prepared foods are ready to use after short heating. To prepare the Home Bistro recipe cards, you may use an oven or a microwave. You should only heat the food, and it is ready to eat. When heating the meal in a microwave, you should remove the label. There is no need to cut the package because it should be unhurt. You should heat the meal from 1.30 to 2 minutes.

For cooking the meal in an oven, you should first heat it to 350F. It is important to remove the package before putting the food in the oven. In this case, you should heat it from 12 to 14 minutes.

Home Bistro features

Who is Home Bistro Good For?

The Home Bistro meal delivery reviews state that it is good for everyone. It is a great opportunity for people who do not have much time for cooking. Or you may not like it so much. What you need is only to make an order and heat the food for several minutes. It is ideal if you like meals with many ingredients. The best chefs in the world prepare the food with their own recipes.

Who It Isn’t Good For?

Home Bistro offers delicious meal kits for all people. But it is not always good for people who need a healthy diet. Home Bistro plans to introduce organic food. But now, you only have an option to change some ingredients in the existing kits. There is no original healthy food. It is better for those who like tasty food more than diets.

Home Bistro Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

Reviews for Home Bistro packaging state that it is durable and safe. You may make sure that the products are delivered frozen and fresh. Home Bistro cares a lot about the quality of its meals. It does not let bacteria in. You should not open it when heating the food in a microwave oven. Another thing about the packaging is that it is environmentally friendly. You can recycle it and save the planet’s nature.

Changing and Canceling an Order in Home Bistro

It is important to check the address you entered. If you have entered an incorrect address, you will have to change it and inform the managers about it. Home Bistro will send the order to the new address. But you will need to pay a new Home Bistro cost for shipping.

An important point is that you cannot cancel the order or state another route if it is delivered. It is also true if the meal is on its way. For this reason, you should carefully check the information you give when ordering. If you think that the meal is of bad quality, you can ask for a refund.

Home Bistro menu

Customer Service of Home Bistro

Home Bistro has around-the-clock friendly customer service. You may read the FAQ if you have any questions. If your question is not on the website, the managers will talk directly to you.

The customer support will tell you about the products and services of Home Bistro. You use email to contact the managers. They will answer you within 24 hours. Home Bistro also has Instagram and Facebook accounts. You may write a message to them on these social networks. Home Bistro is ready to help you with ordering.

If you have some problems or are completely dissatisfied with the order, you may ask for a refund. Another option is to ask for an extra meal for free. The customer service will consider your request and give you an answer.

The Competition/Alternatives

Let’s consider the two Home Bistro alternatives. They are SunBasket and Chef’s Plate. An advantage of SunBasket is that it allows food planning for the customers. You may create a plan for the next deliveries and do not care about them. The meals will be shipped to your home at the stated time. Yet, to order the products, you should sign in on the website.

As opposed to Home Bistro, in Chef’s Plate, you should cook the products you get. The average cooking process lasts about 30 minutes. There are options for vegetarians and for people who like spicy food.


Home Bistro provides quality products and delicious meal kits. The Home Bistro Pricing is affordable, and there are Home Bistro reviews for each kit. It is a high-quality delivery service with a lot of locations. There is a good choice of categories and kits from the best chefs. You may change the products in a kit for your pleasure. This is great for vegetarians and people with health problems. Home Bistro is ready to meet the needs of the customers. The meal delivery service will save your time for cooking and give you the pleasure of tasty food.

Home Bistro cetrtificates


Does Home Bistro Have Coupons For Existing Customers?

Yes, the existing customers can get a promo code. There is also an option to buy a gift certificate to present it to another person. To do this, you should state the information about the order in the form. Then add the gift certificate to your cart. The website also helps you choose the gift for a person if you are not sure. You should state the person’s address and data. Home Bistro will send the gift directly to them.

Is Home Bistro Easy to Cancel?

To cancel an order, you should write to customer support by email. Your order will be stopped within 24 hours. Yet, it is difficult to change the shipping address. If the order is already on track or is delivered, you will have no reshipping option. You should be careful when stating the shipping info.

Is Home Bistro Worth The Money?

Yes, the pricing is affordable, considering that the kits include many ingredients. Experienced chefs with their recipes prepare the food. There are a lot of quality products in the meals.

Can I Try Home Bistro For Free?

You can try the food for free only if another person presents you with a gift certificate. You may take a photo of it when ordering a meal. To have a gift from another person, you should give them your personal data. The correct address is also important.

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