Magic Kitchen Service for Elderly People

The meal delivery Magic Kitchen is designed for seniors. All meals of the diet are specially selected and calculated for daily consumption with benefits for the body. The distribution of meals contributes to the maximum absorption of all vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. As reviews of Magic Kitchen state, the daily ration menu consists of full meals, which include dishes of the highest restaurant quality. Each dish can saturate the body as much as possible and not lead to overeating.

Short Overview: Pros and Cons

Food delivery services not only save time but greatly facilitate the process of staying healthy. As you understand, improving the quality of health is possible only with proper nutrition, when you control not only the quantity but also the quality of food. Magic Kitchen food delivery menu is nice in calories, balanced with proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, correct in a set of products, as well as tasty and varied.


  • Saving time. You will significantly save time not only on cooking but also on thinking through the menu and purchasing food. Avoiding the need for daily cooking will free up your valuable time.
  • A balanced diet for the whole day. You will receive meals for the whole day, taking into account the rules for the distribution of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats throughout the day.
  • A varied diet. Magic Kitchen review says that you can forget about the boring diet with the same lunch and dinner every day. It offers a variety of original dishes.
  • Convenience of food storage. Writing different reviews for Magic Kitchen, users say that dishes are brought in special containers that can be easily stored in the refrigerator, heated in the microwave, or taken with you.
  • High delivery speed. The delivery service Magic Kitchen constantly improves. Thanks to this, delivery is carried out as soon as possible. Immediately after calling the managers, the order goes to the kitchen. After preparing the dish, the courier rushes to the customer.

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  • Additional expenses. Compared to self-cooking, such services can’t be called a budget and economical option. That is why Magic Kitchen is not suitable for everyone.
  • You don’t have the opportunity to serve yourself, add seasonings, sauces, or spices. You can add them only to the finished dish.
  • You may not like the dish.


How much is Magic Kitchen? You can order Low Sodium/Diabetic/Senior Complete Meal Program for 1 Person for the following Magic Kitchen prices:

  • 1 complete meal: $75-$85 for a week
  • 2 complete meals: $150-$165 for a week
  • 3 complete meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner): $225-$250 for a week

Magic Kitchen cost consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also use promotional codes. Only one Magic Kitchen promo code can be used per order.

How Magic Kitchen Works

How to make an order?

  • Visit the site and choose the Magic Kitchen menus you want to order:
    • Low Fat
    • Vegetarian (don’t confuse it with vegan dishes)
    • Best Sellers
    • Portion Controlled
    • Diabetic-Friendly
    • Renal Diet (CKD 3 & 4)
    • Low Sodium
    • Low Carbohydrate
    • Dairy-Free
    • Dialysis-Friendly
    • Senior Meals
    • Shelf Stable Meals
    • New Products
    • Gluten-Free
  • Study Magic Kitchen pricing and pay
  • Get the products
  • Prepare it in a microwave

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How Easy Are Magic Kitchen Meal Kits to Prepare?

It is recommended to follow the sequence of meals. Don’t store meals for longer than a certain period to avoid spoilage. The food should be heated in a microwave oven. Just remove the protective film and place the container in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

You can eat some food (soup or dessert) without reheating. Still, hot dishes will be tastier and healthier if they are preheated.

Who is Magic Kitchen Good For?

It is good for seniors who:

  • Take care of their health
  • Need a nutritious, healthy diet
  • Don’t have enough free time for self-cooking
  • Like to eat deliciously
  • Want to stay healthy

Who Isn’t It Good For?

Following Magic Kitchen reviews, people who travel a lot can’t order food delivery because they have an unstable schedule and don’t have a clear meal by the hour.

Also, if one of the family members uses the meal service Magic Kitchen and others think it is an unnecessary waste of money, such an option is not suitable. It’s not easy to stick to a healthy diet when someone constantly eats junk food. Willpower is not always present in us, and not everyone can resist temptations.

And if you are not a supporter of healthy food but love fast food, or fatty, very salty food, then this service will not suit you because Magic Kitchen uses only healthy foods in the diet.

Magic Kitchen Packaging and Its Convenience

First of all, Magic Kitchen food containers must be stored in the refrigerator, observing the temperature regime. The company uses the latest technology of packaging with hermetic sealing and temperature control. It allows you to keep food fresh for several days, provided that it is stored in a refrigerator.

The containers are marked with the date of production and have Magic Kitchen recipe cards inside. They are hermetically sealed and compact. It is easy to take them with you. And it is convenient to eat even while sitting in a traffic jam. But if you are on a long trip, it is best to transport food in a refrigerated bag.

All food containers are delivered in special styrofoam cubes and have the following features:

  • As many other Magic Kitchen meal reviews state, eco-friendly materials are used, thanks to which the products are 100% recyclable or degraded
  • The material is harmless to health, the product doesn’t have a toxic odor
  • Ergonomic design, which eliminates the likelihood of liquid leakage, preserves the taste and appearance of food
  • It can be used for cold snacks, hot dishes, and desserts
  • If necessary, dry ice is used for cooling

Magic Kitchen menus

Changing and Canceling Order

Changes can be made before the scheduled delivery time. If the address and/or delivery time is changed, the client should notify about this at least 24 hours before the planned delivery time by contacting the manager in any convenient way.

Magic Kitchen meal delivery reviews state that you should contact the manager in any convenient way in 2 days, and then 100% of the payment can be refunded if you want to cancel the order.

Customer Service

If you want your family members to look good and feel great, then you must definitely monitor their diet. No matter what event you have ahead of you — having a child, retirement, college graduation, etc., there is a verified and balanced menu. Each dish is prepared with love and sincere care by experienced chefs, and the freshest organic food is carefully selected. The customer service of Magic Kitchen is always ready to help you if something goes wrong. You can also buy a gift certificate for your loved one with ready-made, healthy, balanced meals.

The Alternatives

Magic Kitchen VS Freshly

Both Freshly and Magic Kitchen ratings are quite high. As in Magic Kitchen, Freshly’s employees also prepare and deliver daily and weekly rations of delicious food. The choice of prepared foods here differs from many on the market. It is suitable for those who don’t want to think about dieting and self-cooking. At Freshly, they know that healthy food can be tasty. Both Freshly and Magic Kitchen believe that a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable. The companies create nutrition based on plant-based products to keep the body healthy.

Magic Kitchen VS Diet-to-Go

The most important factors in maintaining the health of elderly people are proper nutrition and adherence to the regimen. The menu should contain sufficient calories and stimulate the functions of the digestive system. And it should be varied and prepared with fresh, quality ingredients.

It is sometimes difficult to organize such a regime for a senior. Delivery of ready-made balanced meals from Diet-to-Go or Magic Kitchen will solve this problem. You can rest assured that your family members will have delicious and healthy food every day!

Magic Kitchen FAQ

The Verdict

Magiс Kitchen is the best delivery service that offers healthy food rations from quality products. The company offers a variety of ready-made healthy meals for the day, week, or month, depending on your preferences.

As an official Magic Kitchen meal kits review says, there are many food rations for lovers of delicious food and those who prefer diabetic-friendly, low fat, and many more meals. The quality is at the highest level. Its delicious and healthy dishes are carefully packed in sealed plastic containers.


Are Magic Kitchen Meals Healthy?

Yes, the Magic Kitchen company is engaged in the production of diets of healthy, balanced nutrition, prepared from only natural and healthy products. Eating becomes not only healthy but also very tasty. Ready-made rations of healthy and tasty food are offered. The service delivers balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, the official website offers a variety of main courses, snacks, desserts, and drinks.

Can I Try Magic Kitchen For Free?

The company doesn’t provide free samples of its food. The prices of any menu on the site are quite cheap. Compared to other delivery services, anyone can afford to place an order on the site. And you have to understand that any work must be paid for. And the company must pay its employees. However, when you place an order, you can take advantage of first customer discounts.

Is Magic Kitchen Worth the Money?

Yes. It is a great service, and you can make sure of it by reading numerous Magic Kitchen meal kits reviews. It is worth noting that the food is slightly salted and without sugar, and still, it’s delicious. And Magic Kitchen plans to continue preparing only healthy dishes. You will understand all the advantages of food from the first try. Also, it is much cheaper and tastier than ordering pizza, for example.

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