Medifast vs WonderSlim – Which Is the Best Option?

These days, a healthy diet is a trend, so many people who want to improve their health or lose some weight have to deal with the most difficult part – adjust their diet. Most of them find it hard to find proper food while shopping because labels may be confusing. Weight loss food delivery can help you solve this issue. This article will help you understand the difference between WonderSlim and Medifast so that you can decide which is perfect for you.

Medifast is a company that offers a combination of meals, shakes to replace meals, and snacks prepared in accordance with doctors` recommendations. Its goal is to help people become slimmer while following a healthy diet. The program is more rigid, but it also helps consumers learn how to pick goods and prepare food for themselves. This way, Medifast allows people to remain independent from their products.

The second brand, WonderSlim, also provides a wide variety of meal replacements, meals, and snacks. They were elaborated by well-known nutritionists and dieticians. Every product was developed to assist people in putting off weight and improving their diet.

Both companies obtain the same goal, which is to help consumers become healthier and lose a few pounds. There are a number of similar things, but a few differences exist as well. Keep on reading to learn more.

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Short Overview

  Medifast WonderSlim
Dietary preferences Gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low-carb, senior-friendly, low-fat, soy-free, vegetarian, kosher, dairy-free, lactose-free, and whey-free. Gluten-free, vegan, kosher, vegetarian, non-GMO, sugar-free, aspartame-free, fat-free, low-sodium, fat-free, low-carb, lactose-free, wheat-free, and bariatric
Menu variety 65+ meals 150+ meals
Starting price 2.36 USD 1.73 USD
Shipping costs Free shipping on orders of 250+ USD Free shipping on orders of 70+ USD
Preparation time You need to prepare some meals yourself Little to no preparation time
Delivery area 50 States 50 States
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Plan and Pricing

Consumers can purchase well-priced meals from any of the companies for under three dollars. It is even possible to get some of their plans by free shipping, and they tend to include bonuses, such as a food diary. When you compare Medifast vs WonderSlim, you can clearly see that the latter one is less expensive.

WonderSlim caters to males and females specifically, while the only distinction is that females get up to 1,200 calories a day. Males` daily norm makes up to 1,700 calories for the same period. There are three plans that consumers can pick from, and they are also allowed to choose any flavor themselves:

  • Basic Essentials. This plan costs 205 USD, and you will receive 84 servings of soup or meal replacement shakes along with 28 snacks;
  • Core Classic. It costs 243 USD. Similar to the above plan, you will receive the same amount of meal replacements and snacks, but there will be 28 lunches, such as Spicy Cheese `n` Pasta;
  • Premium Complete. The cost should be 319 USD, and you will receive the Core Classic, plus 28 breakfasts.

There are add-ons in every set you order, such as one shaker bottle, thirty WonderSlim multivitamins, etc.

When ordering Medifast products, you will get a welcome kit, a blender bottle, a dining out guide, and a food journal. Everything should correspond to the plan of your choice. The company has three plans, and each of them covers one-month meals for one individual:

  • Medifast Go. This plan is created for busy people who are seeking fast results. You are going to get five prepackaged meals and one meal that can be prepared yourself;
  • Medifast Active. The program is suitable for individuals who want to lose weight gradually, and it is more flexible. There are four meals, two meals for you to prepare, and one snack per day;
  • Thrive by Medifast. The company developed this plan to help people maintain their goal weight. It includes three meals, two meals that you will prepare yourself, and one balanced meal.

Medifast is the winner in this battle because their plans seem to be clearer. All you need to do is to understand what your goal is and pick the most appropriate plan. The company has done the rest for you. When it comes to cost comparison, WonderSlim is cheaper, but Medifast seems to be worth it.

Types of Menu

The menu of WonderSlim offers more than one hundred items to pick from. This diversity comprises shakes, puddings, healthy snacks, high-protein bars, and meals you are to make yourself. You can also decide whether your food will be no gluten, vegan, or vegetarian. Also, there is organic food to meet nursing and diabetic health requirements.

Medifast has over 65 items on the menu, but customers are not allowed to pick the prepared foods themselves. Most people do not find it bad because they are enjoying most of the meals. Another advantage is that a microwave food option is available, which makes it convenient.

Both of them provide consumers with a wide range of bars, healthy snacks, shakes, and meals to choose from. WonderSlim, though, allows its customers more autonomy over their food, and it implies that they can choose. In the case of Medifast, it is only possible to select add-ons. Therefore, WonderSlim is the winner.

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Packaging and Delivery

If you order meals from WonderSlim, everything will be packaged in a big box. Things like bars, shakes and snacks will be sent in individual portions. When opening the box, you will see that each piece is frozen and wrapped into packing materials so that proper temperature is maintained.

It is not easy to find any information regarding recycling, but it is possible to recycle most packaging. Meal delivery is performed in 50 states; consequently, consumers from any state can enjoy their meals.

As with the above company, it is hard to say whether Medifast packaging materials are recyclable. The company also sends meals frozen and wrapped into packing materials to keep the temperature within the limits. Food delivery services are also performed in all 50 states.

It is barely possible to decide which is better Medifast vs WonderSlim, here because they are very similar to one another in how they package and deliver their products. Medifast wins as the best delivery service only because you do not need a lot of packaging for a one-month plan.

Cooking Process and Taste

WonderSlim products require minimum preparation since you just heat and eat them. Besides, each kit contains a shaker bottle to simplify the mixing process. Another advantage is that all items are packed well, which makes them perfect for lunches at work and on the go.

If you are a Medifast consumer, then you will have to buy and cook some of the dishes. There is a step-by-step guide using which you can easily select ingredients for the ‘lean and green” meal. However, it may be inconvenient if you are not ready to spend time doing that.

Drinks and shakes by WonderSlim are the most favorite option on the menu because a wide range of flavors is available. Reviews regarding entrees are mixed. If you think that you will not like the taste of the products, there is a solution. You are free to specify all the choices with consumer favorites, and you are required to click only one button for this purpose.

Medifast provides customers with fewer actual meals because they aim to teach you how to purchase food and prepare it. The diversity of drinks, snacks, and meal replacements is somewhat limited compared to competitors.

Medifast wants its customers to cook some of their meals, and they are not dependent on the quality of their items. Thus, you are free to pick fresh and organic food for yourself. While customer reviews for the company are mixed when it comes to taste, WonderSlim obtains numerous positive reviews. Still, in this Medifast vs WonderSlim battle, the latter is the winner.

Ordering and Cancellation Process

When it comes to WonderSlim, subscription is not compulsory. If you make up your mind to get subscribed to save some money on the orders, you are allowed to skip delivery or cancel it whenever you want. You should contact customer staff, in this case, to figure out whether the future delivery has already been performed. In this case, it is not possible to get it canceled.

Medifast does not allow its clients to change or cancel their orders whenever they desire. It implies they must do it before 6 p.m. one day earlier.

Obviously, WonderSlim wins in this WonderSlim vs Medifast battle because their ordering and cancellation processes are easier.

Customer Support

Being a customer of WonderSlim, you are free to select the plan and add something from the a la carte menu after. From a customization perspective, it is perfect. The company also allows its customers to cancel delivery at any time. Furthermore, there is a complete satisfaction guarantee, and you can get a return within two months if you are not happy with the quality of the products. There are two options in this case – exchange or a full refund. WonderSlim will exclude shipping charges as well, but only one box out of the products should be open and partially used.

Medifast does its best to provide its consumers with excellent service; consequently, there is online customer support to proffer guidance and assistance. If you are not happy with the company for some reason, you are allowed to quickly cancel your subscription. Also, there is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on their goods, and they can be sent back within one month. People can refuse a shipment, but there will be a fee of 15 dollars, and you should keep it in mind.

Customer service provided by companies is similar on many levels, but Medifast is the winner because of the extra support offered to people. Moreover, there is a Medifast Advantage program that makes it possible for consumers to receive points that can be used for future orders.


The goal of this article is to help you decide which is the most suitable for you, Medifast or WonderSlim. Both companies provide people with outstanding options for dishes and meal replacements to become slimmer. The latter is the winner, but it does not mean that Medifast is a bad solution.

WonderSlim is preferred because of the variety they are suggesting, including snacks and dishes that require no cooking. Besides, their food plans and costs are less expensive for those who are on a budget.

However, it is for you to decide which option is the most suitable for you, and you are free to learn more about the companies and see other reviews on the Internet.

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