Schwan’s Review: Family Meal Delivery Service 

If you’re searching for a meal delivery service that can fulfill the demands of your complete family, Schwan’s is the place to go. They provide fried chicken for your children, as well as gluten-free chicken. If your youngster has a sweet craving, they have French toast pieces suitable for children. Your parents can choose from a variety of low-sodium food alternatives. There’s also fresh fruit for you, and don’t forget the pan-fried veggies.

Marvin Schwan founded the firm in 1952, and it now employs over 6,000 Customer Service Managers to attend to the requirements of the numerous houses that need Schwan’s services. This company provides more than you may expect from a meal delivery service, ensuring that all of your requirements are covered in one location. Continue reading Schwan’s review to see if these services are suitable for your family.

Schwan’s Meal Kits Review: Pros and Cons

Schwan’s food delivery services give family caregivers various alternatives to a senior prepared meal delivery service exclusively selling cooked meals. Schwan’s is more like a supermarket that delivers its food products nationally. On the other hand, the company provides different options for everyone. Let’s see the list of pros and cons of Schwan’s recipe cards.


  • Many different options
  • Guaranteed money back
  • Gluten-free alternatives
  • Schwan’s promo code options


  • Almost every recipe is deep-fried food
  • Prices are relatively high as at the grocery’s

They have over 650 family favorites frozen Schwan’s menus to keep meals fresher for longer. It works like this: they want you to go over their things until you find your family’s favorites. Next, they want you to pick your delivery date and time after placing your order. Finally, they guarantee that you’ll be delighted with your order, or they’ll refund your money. They prioritize customer service because they recognize the value of being happy with the services provided. They have a wide range of vegan and organic food choices.

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On the flip side, this food delivery business resembles a grocery store more than anything else. It contains healthy and organic options as well as bad options. Although this isn’t a weight-loss program, the number of deep-fried items available should be reduced.

Obesity and heart disease in the United States have been related to eating habits. Unfortunately, these bad behaviors only push families to continue with them despite trying diet-based solutions. Instead, they should prepare healthier alternatives, reducing the usage of oils and fatty components. Schwan’s should also strive to obtain a comparable flavor by experimenting with other cooking methods rather than always deep-frying.

Pricing: How Much Is Schwan’s?

Overall, Schwan’s prices are substantially lower than the standard meal delivery service, including diet delivery services, in terms of “price per serving.” Most of Schwan’s pricing starts at $4.99 to $14.95. However, some of them are not balanced, which means you’ll have to pay extra for veggies and sides. Shipping Schwan’s cost is $1.75. For nationwide home delivery, UPS shipping costs apply.

Schwan’s reviews offer a wide range of cuisines. Most of them feed one to four people and contain Italian classics like spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna. BBQ ribs, chicken, sliced beef, and even shrimp are available meats. In addition, customers may choose from various tastes in a variety of Schwan’s plans, such as the oriental Orange chicken skillet or the Mexican Chicken enchilada.

How Schwan’s Works

For nearly 55 years, this meal service has provided clients with ready-to-eat dinners. What sets this firm apart is that they deliver their goods right to the customer’s doorstep. Reviews of Schwan’s show that they provide high-quality items with a strong emphasis on customer care. Their ready-to-eat foods are perfect for today’s hectic families.

They enable working parents and their children to eat a healthy supper together at the end of each day. Customers may place orders over the phone, online, or in-person with their delivery sales representative, who can inform them of any current offers or promotions. In addition, they can receive 5% back on all purchases if they join the Rewards Program.

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How Easy Are Schwan’s Meal Kits to Prepare?

The simple reheating of a single-serving dish in the microwave will undoubtedly appeal to a family caregiver, particularly one located far away. As a result, microwave reheating is well-known among delivery businesses. However, according to Schwan’s meal delivery reviews, their prepared foods are unlikely to be easy to reheat for family caregivers.

Some items are reheated on the stovetop, while others are warmed in the oven, and still, others are reheated in a combination of the two methods. Micro-baking is a term used by Schwan’s to describe the process of starting a food item in the microwave and finishing it in the oven.

Who Is Schwan’s Good For?

Schwan’s has value for family caregivers trying to care for a loved one on a tight budget. According to reviews for Schwan’s, you can have more prepared foods in the house for less money than a single-dish senior meal delivery service, but you’ll have to work more and spend more time reheating and portioning balanced dishes. In addition, the dishes are relatively exceedingly rich and not something you’d like to eat regularly.

Who Isn’t It Good For?

For the most part, Schwan’s doesn’t have standard serving sizes, and the “suggested” portion size was smaller than what the average person consumes. As a result, handling leftovers and irregular amounts make senior meal planning considerably more challenging for family caregivers.

The majority of family caregivers will provide nutritious dishes for their loved ones. In addition, many seniors will be on a low salt or diabetic diet; therefore, plenty of veggies should be part of their diet. To supply your loved ones with balanced foods, you’ll need to separately purchase frozen veggies from Schwan’s.

Schwan’s Packaging and Environmental Friendliness

Schwan’s meal reviews say that all cooked dinners are flash-frozen and stored in a deep freezer until they are delivered to the customer. Then, if they are not at home, the goods are placed in a reusable freezer bag with frozen gel packs inside, which keeps the food frozen for several hours.

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Changing and Canceling Order

When you make an order, the Customer Service phone before shipment to double-check that the address is correct, they’ll cancel your order if you don’t confirm it straight away. You can call yourself or speak with the company representatives online if you wish to adjust your delivery service frequency or stop having Schwan’s visit to your home.

Customer Service

You can call the team if there are any issues you’ve faced while making an order, or you can improve the service by providing recommendations. Call to speak with a representative, or send your questions and comments online to contact the company.

The Competition: Schwan’s vs. HelloFresh vs. Dinnerly

HelloFresh, unlike Schwan’s, is one of the country’s largest meal-kit providers, which offers crowd-pleasing meal kits for two or four people, and you can set up a recurrent purchase of three or four meals each week from an extensive rotating menu. The shipping cost is $8 per purchase, higher than at Schwan’s.

Love the concept of meal kits, which offer all of the ingredients you’ll need to prepare a delicious meal but not that costly? Dinnerly seeks to make the entire idea more accessible by providing alternatives half the cost of rivals’. Unfortunately, the prices are pretty the same as at Schwan’s. Recipes are unquestionably essential, but the essence remains the same: you may set up a weekly delivery of three to five meal packages that each serve two or four people. The cost of shipping is $9 per purchase.

The Verdict: Schwan’s Food Delivery Review

In conclusion, according to Schwan’s meal kits reviews, you’d better use it on rare occasions or when you don’t have enough time to get to the grocery store. It’s far from the best delivery service. This is not just because of quite lousy food, but also because it’s typically more expensive, so if you have the time and resources, preparing supper yourself will save you money in the short and long run. If you make poor food choices, you may experience health problems.

However, Schwan’s has several selections that’ll keep the whole family happy, and if meals are chosen right, they may also be nutritionally beneficial. Thanks to the range of diet alternatives available, there’s plenty to go around, including gluten-free, low-sodium, and sugar-free selections. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, and teach your children to eat slowly and gently. Finally, despite low Schwan’s ratings, the delivery may be fantastic for your family gatherings if appropriately handled.

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Are Schwan’s Meals Healthy?

This food delivery business resembles a grocery store more than anything else. It contains healthy options as well as bad. Although this is not a weight-loss program, the number of deep-fried items available should be reduced. Obesity and heart disease in America has been linked to eating habits. These bad behaviors only push families to continue with them despite their attempts to apply diet-based solutions.

Can I Try Schwan’s for Free?

According to the business, every purchase under $10 will be delivered free of charge. You may request a little sample of ice cream, meat products, veggies, or other items on their website and catalog. According to the corporation, this promo alternative will persuade them to become regular clients. You must contact the firm to obtain the free samples. There are two methods to get in touch with them: online and via phone.

Is Schwan’s Worth the Money?

To speak frankly, Schwan’s is more like a supermarket that delivers its own branded items than other meal delivery businesses. This isn’t to say it’s horrible; it just means you won’t be served meals prepared by Schwan’s chefs. Instead, you can get better food for around the same price per serving at your local market, with the added convenience of balanced meals, single-serving microwave meals, and a healthier variety.

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