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The hardest thing about being a vegan or sticking to a weight-loss diet is planning your meals. If your every run to a grocery store ends up with failure or a veggie dinner becomes a scented steak, it’s time to make changes and forget the struggle. I tried Veestro vegan delivery and ready to share the unbiased Veestro meal kits review.

Veestro is a meal kit delivery company that specializes in vegan food and low-calorie meal plans for weight-loss or weight-control programs. The company ships healthy eating habits to 48 US states and positions itself as a 100% environmentally-friendly website. The meal that arrives at your home is freshly frozen to preserve maximum taste and vitamins.

All the ingredients used for meal preparation are plant-based, with no lactose, meat, and eggs. The protein you get is of plant origin and comes from soy faux chicken and beans.

Veestro is an affordable delivery company. The lowest meal price is below $10. Yes, the company has its downsides, but if I were asked, “Veestro is it worth it?” the answer would be positive.

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We begin this review of Veestro with pricing. Since this is one of the most decisive aspects, let’s see how much does Veestro cost so you can decide whether the service is affordable for you.

You can subscribe to any plan that best meets your requirements; however, keep in mind that you can’t order less than 10 dishes as that is the minimum order costing $117. You can choose between deliveries every 1-4 weeks. The more you order, the lower the price is. So if you order between 20-30 meals, each meal would cost you only $9.90.

Veestro shipping cost is ALWAYS FREE with auto-deliveries. Keep reading this review for Veestro to learn even more useful information about the service.

Because the service delivers frozen food, you can order a pack of Veesto meal kits and freeze them. It’s a great option for busy people, also you need to have enough space to store all of those. Explore other Veestro meal kits reviews to learn more about the service and its benefits.

You can save money with Veestro promo code HAPPY for 10% off your order. You can also use promo code WELNESS and receive 30$ off each first four boxes at the service (it results in $120 total savings!)

Moreover, you can use Black Friday discount codes that give users great benefits allowing them to save money on your meals on a major shopping period of the year!


Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation and the tracking number. The company ships to all contiguous 48 states.

If you check the service’s shipping map of delivery estimates, you’ll see that the shipping period for the majority of states is 3 days. Citizens of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington DC are lucky to receive their meal within the minimum delivery time- one day.

If you’re not at home, the courier will leave your order near the doorsteps. We suggest picking your order and putting it in a cold place as soon as possible to prevent unwanted throwing. No signature is required. All orders are shipped via FedEx. They currently don’t ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

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Types of Meal Kit Food Options

According to reviews on the Internet, the best side of the Veestro food delivery is that it’s completely vegan. All the meals are lactose-free, preservatives-free, and 100% plant-based. This is a rarity in the world of food delivery services which dishes are usually full of cheeses, milk, and meat. The service’s site claims that their dishes are made without chicken, any kind of meat, fish, daity, eggs, and honey.

What we want to admit in this Veestro review is that most users are happy to have a chance to choose between a la carte dishes or subscribe to a particular meal plan. With such freedom of choice, you can not stick to one meal plan and taste different sides, choose the ones that taste the best, and reorder.

Those curious about trying Veestro prepared foods can order their starter pack to check how the food tastes. You’ll receive 10 Veestro staff favorite dishes and a healthy juice.

One more exciting thing about the services is that people interested in the service have a great chance to take various options that are crafted around a specific theme. For example, you can choose between a protein pack, meatless lacks, a wedding prep pack, and more.

What this Veestro review found is that the service can taste even to non-vegans. Their 21-day kickstart pack may be excellent for those thinking about starting a diet or want to go a little lighter from their ordinary heavy nutrition but don’t know where to begin. The purpose of the Veestro 21 day Kickstart is also to help you start a vegan diet with minimum effort. You will eat one organic vegan meal a day and so be surprised how easy it is to make such a significant change.

A wedding prep pack will help a groom or a bride to prepare for a special day in their lives.

Veestro and Weight Loss Plans

Is Veestro good for those trying to lose some extra weight? Yes, Veestro meal options are excellent for a weight-loss diary. The service has some of the best healthy food with caloric value mentioned that you can have delivered to obtain perfect shape quickly.

Sticking to a healthy diet is easy because, with weight loss meal delivery, you can easily control the amount of calorie or sugar intake.

Veestro offers plans that deliver three, five, or seven days plans of diet menu a week.

For those who need a discharge, the Juice Cleanser offered may be just exactly the thing. The service offers various packs for a juice cleanse. Just choose what you like from a big selection of juices on the menu (including Hand Grenade Juice, Immunity Kick, Weights, and Balance). In addition, you can make all your meals gluten-free.

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Quality of Products & Taste

We’re moving to the most thrilling part of all Veestro meal kit reviews. How does Veestro taste? What’s on the menu, and can Veestro really replace home-prepared dishes. As a person who is not a vegan by any stretch, I can say, Veestro tastes quite good. This is definitely not the top-chef menu, but still, the flavor is satisfying. The richness of flavor was the main topic of Veestro bad reviews. People claimed the food to have tasted rather bland.

Lovers of spicy foods can add more salt or pepper to their plates on their own. I liked that Veesrto leaves an opportunity to enhance the flavor to the customers.

As the company claims, 96% of the ingredients they use are of organic origin. The dishes tasted fresh and appeared to be of high quality. The portion size was okay, while starters were generously served.

On the menu, you can find:

  • Beluga Lentil Braise
  • Moroccan Melange
  • Pasta Bolognese
  • Tortilla Chili
  • Veggie Empanadas
  • Kale Punch and etc.

The only disappointing thing about Veestro is the low protein value. The main sources of protein are plant-based quinoa, tofu, beans, and soy-based chicken. You can customize your menu, making it high-protein.

Cooking Process

What about cooking, the dishes from Veestro meal delivery only need to be reheated. The label on each Veestro food pack contains a set of instructions for preparation. Veestro products can be microwaved, but for best taste, it’s recommended that you use the oven or skillet. Ovens and microwaves vary, instructions should be used as a guide. The average prep time is 15 min making Veestro excellent for those who’d love to try comfort-food dishes but have no time or passion for cooking.

Ordering Process

The ordering process on the Veestro website is a piece of cake. The Veestro service can work in any way you prefer. This is one of the main perks of ordering from this company. You can choose one of its nine meal packs made regarding different occasions and dietary plans.

Veestro offers three different meal delivery options. You can order meals a la cart or choose from the Chef’s Choice or Weight Loss menu.

These menus are pre-selected, and you don’t have to choose which meals you want each week or customize it to your preferences (except making it gluten-free or high in protein). The weight loss menu provides 3 dishes a day which have approximately 400 calories.

If you like to pick out what meals you want to order, then the a la carte option would be a nice fit for you. A-la-carte dishes cost the same.

So, here is the ordering algorithm.

  1. You come up with the menu or choose dishes on your own and add them to the card.
  2. Fill out shipping info.
  3. Pay for the meals.
  4. Enjoy them in a few days.

Keep in mind that all the orders placed after 8 p.m are considered as those that are placed the following day.

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Packaging and Storage

The platform’s commitment to the environment is not only limited to the menu. In 2019, the service also revealed it is making a shift to 100% recyclable packaging.

Since the Veestro meal kit arrives all in separate packaging and you throw it after you finish the meal, it’s awesome they took care of the environment and made their containers fit for recycling.

Veestro ships frozen meals in an insulated shipping container. The food is shipped with dry ice to keep your meals frozen and fit for eating. The company ensures that all dishes are into compostable containers. Moreover, they use only BPA-free and recyclable materials for plastic pouches that may be used for sauces. The meals are shipped in a cardboard box that’s easily curbside recyclable. Once the dry ice evaporates, the bags can be recycled in case your area accepts them.

We recommend that you put all meals in the freezer after removing them from the box. Meals you plan to enjoy for 2-3 days can be kept in the refrigerator. Since the company’s products are preservative-free, they can be kept up to 8-10 weeks in the freezer.


A customer care team is open to any questions regarding your order, billing/canceling the delivery and all kinds of issues regarding the operation of the service. You can contact a support team via sending an email and calling the contact phone number. The easiest way is to email them or fill out an online feedback form. You can easily reach them at any time, except on weekends. If you don’t want to wait, turn to Veestro’s Frequently Asked Questions page as it covers most questions, though.

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Similar Services

We can only see Veestro as the best delivery service for organic food lovers in comparison with similar websites. I have analyzed Veestro reviews and reviews on 3 food delivery services similar to Veestro. These are Fresh N’ Lean, Green Chef, and VegReady.

Fresh N’Lean

Fresh N’ Lean is a meal service that ships you 7-21 meals weekly, depending on the menu plan you’ve selected. Customers can choose among high protein, keto, paleo, plant-based, or low carb plant-based meal kits. Unlike Veestro, Fresh N’Lean is not completely vegan. It covers meat, seafood, and fish lovers and allows to eliminate up to 3 ingredients from the dishes. You don’t have much control over what arrives on your plate. Prices on Fresh N’Lean are a bit higher, but shipping is free for all orders.

Green Chef

Green Chef caters to people with different diets and lifestyles. The service offers several diet options, including:

  • keto
  • paleo
  • balanced living
  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • pescetarian
  • omnivore
  • carnivore

Green Chef emphasizes not only a particular diet but also a healthy lifestyle. Each week you choose among the menu of dishes. Depending on your diet or preferences, the number of choices may vary. There are also family plans specifically elaborated to encourage kids to eat healthily and get all the necessary nutrients. Just like Veestro, Green Chef has made conscious choices to create an environmentally friendly meal delivery service. The meal cost is similar to Veestro, but the shipping is not free. The average cooking time is a bit longer, with each recipe taking around 20-30 min to prepare.

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition is a meal delivery company catering to both vegans and vegetarians and allowing you to customize your weekly menu. The company is known for using organic, sustainably sourced ingredients from local suppliers. They ship in recyclable or reusing containers to eliminate harmful impacts on the environment. Prices vary depending on the total number of meals, but most plans are quite affordable and cost $10.50–11.50 per serving. They deliver all around the US, and the shipping cost is included.

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